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Teen Battle of the Books 2020

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With over 70 teens across Alachua County participating, our Battle was hard-fought this year! While we only have prizes for the top ten scorers, we congratulate all participants for getting into some good books with us this summer!

We enjoyed reading along with you and hope that next summer we can resume coaching teams and bringing back our live event.

Once again, thank you to our Friends of the Library for graciously providing Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds and A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World by Charlie Fletcher to all participants and for providing our prize: They Called Us Enemy by George Takei!

Battle of the Books Hall of Fame

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2019 Winning Team - Headquarters                             2014 Winning Team - Tower

2018 Winning Team - Tower/Headquarters                  2013 Winning Team - Tower

2017 Winning Team - Headquarters/Newberry            2012 Winning Team - Headquarters

2016 Winning Team - High Springs                             2011 Winning Team - Millhopper

2015 Winning Team - High Springs                             2010 Winning Team - Tower

Congratulations to our 2020 Champions!

Our 1st Place winner is McKayla Ro, representing Tower Road Branch!

2nd Place went to Lina dos Santos, representing Headquarters Library!

3rd Place went to Millie Carlton, representing Library Partnership Branch!

Our 7 runners-up include: Nicole Qian, Gabrielle Gonzalez, Seth Belluci, Temima Nuzhat, Nina Zhang, Elia Serafin, and Ellie West!

Congratulations! All of our top ten players will receive George Takei's graphic novel memoir, They Called Us Enemy.


Battle of the Books finalist Seth Belluci

Seth Belluci

Battled Books

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