Battle of the Books

Teen Battle of the Books 2020 Registration

Battle of the Books

Calling all Alachua County teens to this year's Battle of the Books!

The battle will be a little different this year. Rather than a live event, you'll play from home using Kahoot!

Here's how it will work:

Register below and we'll contact you with details!

Check out our blog re-capping last year's event!

Battled Books

2019 Winners!

1st Place went to Headquarters:

Angela, Krishna, Makayla, Josh, Nina, Heba, and Katie

2nd Place went to the combined team of Millhopper and Tower:

Ashley, Kaylin, April, Holly, Nathan, and Lexys

Battle of the Books Hall of Fame

Image of Battle of the Books Plaque

2019 Winning Team - Headquarters

2018 Winning Team - Tower/Headquarters

2017 Winning Team - Headquarters/Newberry

2016 Winning Team - High Springs

2015 Winning Team - High Springs

2014 Winning Team - Tower

2013 Winning Team - Tower

2012 Winning Team - Headquarters

2011 Winning Team - Millhopper

2010 Winning Team - Tower

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