Battle of the Books

2018 Teen Battle of the Books Nominees

Nominate books for Battle of the Books Summer 2018!

Deadline: Monday, January 15!

Nomination Rules:

  • Vote on your top three picks, putting a check next to the title or select two titles on the list and fill in a title of your choosing in the blank at the end of the list.
  • Books should be aimed at grades 7th–12th and they can be either stand-alone books or the first book of a series!
  • Book suggestions can be fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel or a collection of short stories.
  • Books must be published within the last five years.


Select your top 3 picks for the 2018 Battle of the Books below.

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2017 Winners!

1st Place: Headquarters and Newberry
Joshua, Angela, Dylan Couch, Larisa Couch, and Marcia Nejbauer

Sportsmanship Recognition: Millhopper
Kyla Johns, Millie Carlton, April Guimary, Ashley Warner, Kaylin Warner, Ronan Morris, and Lizzy Doan

Most spirited team: Waldo
Ashely, Camara, Logan and Tierra

Previous Winners

2016 High Springs
2015 High Springs
2014 Tower Road
2013 Tower Road
2012 Headquarters
2011 Millhopper
2010 Tower Road