Battle of the Books

2018 Teen Battle of the Books

Now, the time has come for courageous teens to volunteer for the honor of representing their local library branch in the 9th annual Battle of the Books. Welcome tributes, we salute your courage and your sacrifice. We wish you “Happy Battle of the Books” and may the odds be ever in your favor!

2017 Winners!

1st Place: Headquarters and Newberry
Joshua, Angela, Dylan Couch, Larisa Couch, and Marcia Nejbauer

Sportsmanship Recognition: Millhopper
Kyla Johns, Millie Carlton, April Guimary, Ashley Warner, Kaylin Warner, Ronan Morris, and Lizzy Doan

Most spirited team: Waldo
Ashely, Camara, Logan and Tierra

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Battle of the Books Hall of Fame

Image of Plaque of Battle of the Books Winners

2017 Winning Team - Headquarters/Newberry

2016 Winning Team - High Springs

2015 Winning Team - High Springs

2014 Winning Team - Tower

2013 Winning Team - Tower

2012 Winning Team - Headquarters

2011 Winning Team - Millhopper

2010 Winning Team - Tower