Battle of the Books

10th Annual Teen Battle of the Books

2019 Winners!

1st Place went to Headquarters:

Angela, Krishna, Makayla, Josh, Nina, Heba, and Katie

2nd Place went to the combined team of Millhopper and Tower:

Ashley, Kaylin, April, Holly, Nathan, and Lexys

Battled Books

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Battle of the Books Hall of Fame

Image of Battle of the Books Plaque

2019 Winning Team - Headquarters

2018 Winning Team - Tower/Headquarters

2017 Winning Team - Headquarters/Newberry

2016 Winning Team - High Springs

2015 Winning Team - High Springs

2014 Winning Team - Tower

2013 Winning Team - Tower

2012 Winning Team - Headquarters

2011 Winning Team - Millhopper

2010 Winning Team - Tower