Digital Vision Board

Example of a digital vision board

Vision boards are especially great tools for thinking about the future. Traditionally, a vision board is a collage of images from newspapers or magazines cut out and glued to cardboard. We're going to use our desktops, tablets, or smartphones to make ours.

You can use vision boards to visualize the next three months, six months, year, or your next summer. Often, visualizing our goals is the key to manifesting them. The best way to start is to think of some categories you might like to include on your board, such as academics or careers.

Next, you'll think of some goals for those. For example, you may say "I want to graduate high school!" in the next six months or "I want to get a part-time job!" Goals can be very personal, so know that you do not have to share your vision board if you feel uncomfortable. The final steps are to gather some online images and put them in a collage using your favorite software.

The library has many tools to help you reach your goals. Creativebug is a wonderful resource for learning crafts, while can help you master skills to get that part time job. You can use Transparent to learn a new language with the library or bring your grades up with We also have books on goal-setting, productivity, personal finance, and more to help you reach your goals!




Digital Vision Board with Courtney