DIY Mermaid Macrame Keychain

Whether you're looking for a relaxing craft for yourself or a great handmade gift for a friend, we've got you covered! Today we're going to walk you through a tutorial on how to make a macrame mermaid tail keychain. For materials you will need:

  • keychainmacrame mermaid keychain teaser image clasp
  • brush (for fringe)
  • macrame board or cork board 
  • macrame cord - 3mm, single strand 
  • sharp scissors 
  • T-pins or push pins

If you do not have ready access to a macrame or cork board, alternatively you can tape the keychain to a flat surface using packing tape. Likewise, macrame cord will work best for this craft but you may substitute yarn or hemp cord if necessary. Let's get started! 


Step 1: Cut the macrame cord into the following lengths - 3 pieces 48 inches long (main pieces) and 1 piece 20 inches long (wrapping knot cord). Attach the cord to the keychain clasp by foldilng each 48" piece in half and using larks head knots to secure them. Your keychain should look like this: 

example of larks head knots






Step 2: Tie diagonal double half hitch knots. This is how you will make the majority of this keychain. You'll begin by making 2 diagonal double half hitch knots starting from the left and going down to the right. Then you'll switch and make 3 diagonal double half hitch knots moving from the right and going down to the left. This pattern will make a V-shape. Repeat this step for 6 more rows (there will be a total of 7). 

macrame mermaid keychain instructions 2-5









Step 3: For row 8, start on the left and do one diagonal double half hitch down and to the right. Then hold both the filler cord AND the working cord from the first knot together and tie the second diagonal double half hitch over both, again moving down and to the right. Then switch over to the right side and do the same process. The process should look something like this. 

mermaid macrame keychain steps 6-8 images
















Step 4: Finish with a wrapping knot. Grab the 20″ long piece you set aside earlier and hold it against the ends in a "U" shape. Wrap the cord tightly under the last row of knots about 4 times, then thread the end of the cord you’ve been wrapping with through the bottom of the "U" you made earlier. Pull the short end sticking out of the top of the wrapped cord until the loop slides up under, about halfway. Don’t accidentally pull it out of the top! Once you're done, trim the two ends of the wrapping knot and push them up under the cords. 

mermaid macrame keychain steps 9-12 images









Step 5: Now for the final step! Cut the fringe at the bottom in an inverted "V" shape so that it resembles a mermaid tail. Grab a brush - a macrame fringe brush, pet brush, or fine-toothed comb will work - and brush the ends out well. Alternate brushing and trimming until your mermaid tail is shaped the way you'd like it. 

Optional: If you have it available, you can use a fabric stiffening spray to help the fringe hold its shape.

And voila! You've made your very own macrame mermaid tail keychain! Check out the YouTube video below for a guided tutorial, courtesy of Crystal and her channel Marching North.

end product - macrame mermaid keychain







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