The Greatest Scavenger Hunt Alachua County has ever seen!

Looking for something different to do this summer?  Do you like playing games? Hanging out with your friends or family? Are you crafty? Creative? Daring? Are you up for taking unusual pictures in unusual situations?

Why not try out the greatest scavenger hunt Alachua County has ever seen?!

Starting June 5th, five clues will be released every week.  Some clues are harder than others and so worth more points.  You can have anyone on your team of 10, no matter their age!  You will post your photos and videos to Twitter or Instagram and we’ll keep count for you.

Winners will be announced at the end of summer reading event, Summer Reading Palooza.  Watch for more information on social media - #summerSHACE.  Follow the library on Twitter and Instagram.  Don’t miss your chance to school the other teams! Are you up to the challenge?

The scavenger hunt is just one fun part of Summer at the Library!  For more information on summer reading, and our other events, please visit

Scavenger Hunt #SummerSHACE

Posted by MeganK on April 3, 2017