Hands-On Engineering Workshops for Teens!

Teens, interested in engineering?  These Hands-On workshops are for you!

Students from the University of Florida of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering will present three 45 minute workshops.  Materials will be provided.  Space is limited, so call (352) 334 – 3941 to reserve spot!


Workshop:  Thursday, February 25, 6:30 pm

Fun with micro-controllers!

Get ready to program tiny computers to control anything you want!



Workshop:  Thursday, March 17, 6:30 pm

Digitizing your world!

Learn how to measure light, temperature, and distance with circuits!

Workshop:  Thursday, April 14, 6:30 pm

Make your own device!

Take all your knowledge and experience with circuits and build your own device!



Wonder what cool things UF's College of Engineering, IEEE Chapter does?  Check out this competition video:


SoutheastCon 2010 - UF IEEE Hardware

Posted by KerryD on March 18, 2016