May Teen Book Club Titles

Everything Everything Cover ImageAll We Have Left Cover Image


For the month of May I thought it might be fun to veer away from the fantasy and science fiction the group has been doing lately, and check out a little realistic fiction. The kids had been asking to do Everything, Everything after we read The Sun is Also a Star last summer for Battle of the Books, and even though its a love story, the boys were enthusiastic about it anyway. It was a great book club book with a lot of interesting discussion points, and we played the movie at one of the meetings. I absolutely loved this book, despite being very sceptical about the premise, it seems like the "bubble child" trope has been done just way too many times, but there is a surprise twist to this story that made it a lot more real. There is some pretty adult romance in here however, so I would stick to 14+ for this one.

All We Have Left, by Wendy Mills, was an excellent read for me, as the characters in the story experienced 9/11 at the same age that I experienced it, so it was a VERY emotional and touching story. I wanted to expose the teens, who were not even alive in 2001, to the events in a realistic and relatable way. I feel that this book does that, and it explains how teens sometimes make bad choices, but are still redeemable.