More Fall Teen Book Club Picks

Children of Blood and Bone CoverWarlight Cover


The teens from book club who participated in Battle of the Books this summer won copies of Children of Blood and Bone, and it really is an excellent book, so now we have Teen Book Club copies of it! I wanted to have all of book club read it, but could not get my hands on any extra copies for a couple months, as there have been tons of holds on this very popular novel. The kids devoured it instantly, and loved how different it is! This is a very violent book, so I would recommend probably for kids 14+ (at least), but it is so different from the Eurocentric fantasy we've been reading, it is well worth it for a difference in perspective. There are great discussion points in the plot about oppression, racism, fear, and inequality. This is a great read for any teen book club!

I came upon Warlight as a summer Obama Book Club recommendation, and though it is (oddly) an adult book, it is about the lives of two teens. Nat and Rachel live in England shortly after WWII. Their parents mysteriously leave them to live with a man they hardly know, and his band of shady pals. It is a coming of age story about Nathaniel, and it is  just so very good. I want to expose the kids to some actual quality literature, and this story is just so weird and interesting. Some discussion of sex, though not overly explicit, so this is definitely for older or more mature teens.