New Painting in Teen Space

What:  Come see and celebrate the permanent installation of the collaborative painting created by teens with muralist Turbado Marabou!

When:   Monday, April 25th, 4 pm

Where:  Headquarters Library, Teen Space

First session:  Local artist Turbado Marabou began the workshop by sharing the history of murals with the participants, visually through an attractive Power Point presentation. Then, Turbado asked the teens to conceptualize what the library meant to them, putting their ideas into words on paper.  Next, he asked the group to come up with images that could express and represent their ideas.  Lastly, he asked the group to begin putting these images down on large pieces of paper that had been cut to the size of the canvases (which would be used at a later session).  The group sketched out a rough design.Photograph of Session 1


Second session: Turbado led teens to firmly plant the images on paper and consider the colors they wanted to select.  He asked the group if they wanted to use a monochromatic color scheme (using variations of one particular color) or if they wanted to use a range of colors. They considered the area where the canvases would eventually hang.  After some discussion, it was decided to use a range of colors and a bright palette.  Finally, the teens added color using pencils and markers.

Photograph of Session 2


Third session:  In between the second and third sessions,Turbado transfered the basic shape of the designs the teens had created on paper to the canvases and added the basic blocks of color the group had decided to use. So when this final session began, the teens could now concentrate on painting the details of their designs directly on the canvases!!

Photograph of Session 3














Check out this video that University of Florida, College of Journalism student, Tajon, put together to document this creative and collaborative project teens experienced with Turbado!


Gainesville artist makes mural with local youth

Posted by KerryD on April 21, 2016