New Teen Read for September

Beasts of the Frozen Sun Cover

Earlier in the summer, I was fortunate to receive a couple of ARCs from Florida author Jill Criswell of her debut novel, Beasts of the Frozen Sun. While I initially expected it to be another tropey YA romance/fantasy, when I finally made the time to read it, I found it to be interesting and unique in a number of ways. The female lead is very strong and resourceful, and has to navigate successfully around villians who are multifaceted, not just "good" or "evil" and evaluate her loyalties to her family and home, in order to do what she believes to be right. The characters and world are well developed, and many of the plot turns are unexpected. There is some romance, but the story does not get bogged down in it, it is more presented as close loyalty and friendship. I enjoyed the subtle amount of magic, and the use of viking and Celtic folktales. I would recommend this book for high school-aged teens, and adults who enjoy a good fantasy! Looking forward to the sequel!

Posted by JessicaM on September 27, 2019