November Teen Book Club Title

Pride Cover Art


I try to alternate between fantasy, realistic fiction, historical fiction, and, soon, we will be trying some nonfiction! I even will slip in some classical literature here and there, when I can get away with it! This book, Pride, by Ibi Zoboi is a great way to expose teens to the classic tale, Pride and Prejudice with a modern, interesting spin that even teenage boys love!

Five sisters live in a quickly gentrifying neighborhood in New York, and don't know what to make of the rich boys in the mini-mansion across the street. The oldest is taking her first summer break from college, and her younger sister, the main character in the novel, is on a quest to find herself, and reconcile what she wants for her future with her deep roots to her past. There is a lot of great fodder for discussion in this book, and it is a quick, easy read, so for some of the more reluctant readers, this is an excellent choice. I love the way the author spun this classic tale into something very relatable, and I absolutely adore the talented and prickly Zuri, the main character.