Spooky Stories to Tell

Reading spooky stories is a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween. Many scary stories originate from legends and folktales that have been told for years. To honor the oral tradition of telling scary stories, how about having a socially distanced  spooky storytelling time with friends? We tried our hand at sharing spooky stories with each other here at the Library Partnership Branch. Watch our video for inspiration on planning your own spooky storytelling session!

Searching for a haunting story to tell? Start by looking through some of these books:

Scary stories for campfires            A Scary Story Reader                 More short & shivery : thirty terrifying tales             Even more short & shivery : thirty spine-tingling stories



Need some bone-chilling music to set the scene? Check out these CDs from our collection:

Monster mash and other terrifying tunes            Halloween party favorites                 These ghoulish things: horror hits for Hallowe'en             Halloween sound effects



Posted by Janelle on October 15, 2020