Teen Book Club for October

To All the Boys I've Loved Before Cover

My kids are not typically into romance, but I really want them trying a bit of everything, and this was very highly reviewed, and also has a Netflix movie. I thought it would be great fun to read the book and then watch the film at one of our meetings, and discuss the differences between books and movies, and why it is that people usually prefer one or the other depending on the order in which they view/read them. I actually really enjoyed this book, even though it is completely outside of my usual wheelhouse. It encapsulates the awkwardness of high school in a charming and redeemable way. Lara Jean and her sisters are adorable, reminiscent of reading female manga characters, they are just *too perfect* in the cutest of ways. As someone who has has been accused of being boy crazy myself, I could identify with her being pulled in multiple directions, and also finding herself in the destructive path of the "mean girls" at school. 

My teens loved it, even the ones who hate romance. In fact, one of my girls, who loves adult horror, gleefully read this book twice, and loved talking about it. We will watch the movie in a couple months, but I anticipate that everyone will say they liked the book the best.