Teen Summer Reads/Battle of the Books

Grand Theft Horse Cover Image

I was super excited to see a graphic novel on this year's diverse list of Battle of the Books selections, and even more stoked when I noticed it was nonfiction. Graphic novels are a wonderful way to get somewhat unenthisuastic young readers into nonfiction, some examples being Telgemeier's Smile and Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi. Grand Theft Horse is the story of a horse trainer who is swindled by a group of attorneys, who want to injure and dope her horse into performing before it is prepared. As a horse lover myself, I enjoyed seeing the horrors of the racing world exposed, and being introduced to this wonderful woman, who would do anything to ensure the wellbeing of her animals, including live out of a van with absolutely nothing to her name (or risk getting arrested!!). The art style is very unique and gives the characters a great deal of humanity, while making the horses the majestic creatures they deserve to be. A great book everyone should read!! So glad to see it included in this year's competition!