A Very Harry Potter Halloween

Celebrate Halloween by joing the Wizarding World at Millhopharry potter halloweenper Library on October 31st from 5-7 PM.  

Create your own magic wand, button/magnet, and spooky spellbook! Pin the scar on Harry, and pull your best Azkaban Prisoner shot in our "Have you Seen this Wizard?" photobooth.  Watch the first Harry Potter movie and enjoy refreshments.

Compete in our Harry Potter Trivia contest at 5:30 PM.  The winner gets a prize!

Put your name in the Goblet of Fire! Four witches or wizards will get chosen at 6 PM to compete in our Triwizard Tournament.  The winner will also receive a prize.

So get dressed in your best costume and join your fellow witches and wizards at Millhopper library this Halloween!by

Thank you for the generous donations from Sweetbay and Barnes and Noble!


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