A YA Author Dabbles in Adult Fiction

Ninth House Cover Image

My Teen Book Club has read every single Leigh Bardugo YA novel, and absolutely loved them! They were all very interested and excited to see what this novel, which is technically an adult fiction book, but focuses on a freshman in college, would be like. Honestly, I believe that this book could have been categorized as a YA, I didn't find any very adult themes, and the writing was not more difficult than other YA books the book club has read (plus, all the characters are late teens/early 20s apart from Yale staff). I would give this to anyone 12+ without hesitation. There is some abuse and drug use, and, of course, a great deal of paranormal activity, but I've read similar in other YA books. The book centers on Galaxy Stern, who has a special ability that has led her to be ostracized and left to the fringes of society, until she is plucked from her miserable world by officials at Yale who have a specific task in mind for her. There is magic, though mostly I would compare it favorably with the Dan Brown novels. I did not enjoy it nearly as much as her YA books, but Bardugo always writes compelling characters and builds unique worlds, even when centering her story in a realistic setting. I believe my Teens would very much enjoy this series!