April 1st=Happy Joker Day at Tower Road!

Do you admire the Joker's cheerful attitude to villainy? Would you like to be just like him one day? Well, you probably shouldn't, he's a pretty bad person. But at the Joker Party, you can be just like the Joker--minus the murder and mayhem!

Activities will include a Joker bomb toss, a "Superzeroes" shooting range, comic book button making, and "ransom notes." Guests will be able to pick their favorite version of the Joker and watch him on our meeting room screen. Refreshments will be provided--we think you'll just love the "punch" line!

So, please, join us on April 1st from 3:30-4:30 at Tower Road Library, and get your Joker on!

Posted by CindyM on March 22, 2016