FOODIEspace @ Tower Road Branch

The Alachua County Library District is excited to delve into the world of makerspaces, places where community members can gather to tinker, make, and learn together. The Tower Road Branch's makerspace is FOODIEspace, where families and people of all ages can make and discover food together with the help of library cookbooks, local chefs, and businesses.

While a few restaurants and home chefs may offer cooking classes in the Gainesville area, these can be costly for individuals and families on a budget. FOODIEspace programs will help those from all walks of life explore local and seasonal recipes and food, learn cooking techniques from chefs, and experiment with fun technology like the PancakeBot and Yaylabs Ice Cream Ball. We will also have kid friendly utensil kits, to make food preparation safer for kids.

Did you know cooking has educational benefits? Cooking requires being able to follow directions, collaboration, measurements and conversion (math skills), reading recipes (literacy skills) and food preparation (fine motor skills). Check out this interesting article on Food Makerspaces on National Geographic's food blog The Plate.

To support this makerspace and food programs, Tower Road Branch will have a kitchen area in the meeting room following the highly anticipated remodel which will begin towards the end of 2016. Until then, enjoy this series of programs all about food and some good cookbooks.

Cooking Matters in Your Community, Presented by IFAS  July 21 1:00 pm

Saporito Oil Vinegar Spice August 12 2:00 pm                             

3D Print Pancakes Using Pancakebot September 3 10:00 am              

Ice Cream and Waffles September 6 3:30 pm        

3d Print Pancakes Using Pancakebot October 1 10:00 am     

Salsa and Guac October 4 4:00 pm        

Cooking Matters in Your Community, Presented by IFAS October 6 4:30 pm

 Hogtown Homegrown October 15 11:30 am                      

Solar Power S'mores October 18 3:30 pm

Homemade Baby Food November 14 11:00 am

Cooking Matters in Your Community, Presented by IFAS November 15 4:30 pm

Hogtown Homegrown November 19 11:30 am

3d Print Pancakes Using Pancakebot November 26 10:00 am

3d Pancakes Using Pancakebot December 3 10:00 am


Leanne Brown's Good and Cheap Eat Well on $4 A Day                          Katie Parla's Tasting Rome

Good and Cheap Eat Well on $4 a Day                                                                                                  Tasting Rome

Posted by AlixF on October 30, 2016