The House of Mouse

When you think of Florida, it's hard to escape associations of beaches, alligators, Florida Man, and of course Disney. Disney has become this behemoth of a company, and it all started with a little mouse named Mickey. I know it actually started with a rabbit named Oswald, but guess what? It's not his birthday. Yes, in case you didn't know, Mickey's birthday is November 18 - the same day that Steamboat Willie debuted 92 years ago. Since then, Disney has revolutionized animation and touched generations with the stories they tell. So let's celebrate by reading or watching the mouse that started it all.


Mickey Mouse: Merry and Scary coverDVDS

Disney Celebrating Mickey                              Mickey's Christmas Carol               

Disney Junior Mickey                                       Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

Mickey and the Roadster Racers series          Mickey's Reading and Math Fun

Mickey Mouse: Season 1                                 Mickey's Seeing the World

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series                     Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas              

Mickey Mouse: Merry and Scary



Campy Camper Day coverE Begin

Campy Camper Day

Friendship Tales

Mickey & Friends: Goofy at Bat by Susan Amerikaner

Mickey's Perfecto Day by Sherri Stoner

Vote for Minnie by Brooke Vitale




Mickey Mouse and the Orbiting Nightmare coverGraphic Novels

Mickey and Donald: Christmas Parade

Mickey Mouse and the Orbiting Nightmare

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories (Ok, these are mostly Donald)






The Disney Book cover J Non-Fiction

The Disney Book: a Celebration of the World of Disney by Jim Fanning

Disney Ideas Book by Elizabeth Dowsett

Walt Disney: Drawn from Imagination by Bill Scollon

Walt Disney: Legendary Animator and Entertainment Entrepreneur by Joseph Kampff

Who Was Walt Disney? by Whitney Stewart



5 Minute Mickey Mouse Stories coverPicture Books

Disney Junior Storybook Collection

Five Minute Mickey Mouse Stories

The Haunted Hot Rod

Mickey's Spooky Night

Whose Birthday Is It?: a lift-the-flap surprise story



Mickey Mouse: Emblem of the American Spirit (mickey repeated on cover)Adult Non-Fiction

Designing Disney: Imagineering and the Art of the Show by John Hench

Entertaining with Disney: Exceptional Events from Mickey Mouse to Moana by Amy Croushorn 

Mickey Mouse: Emblem of the American Spirit by Garry Apgar

They Drew as They Pleased series by Didier Ghez

Walt Disney: the Triumph of American Imagination by Neal Gabler