Mystery Date: Horror Edition

If you're seeking men - b&w clown

generic male symbol and question markMystery Date #1 - I love the outdoors. Some of my best memories are of camp, and I can't help but be drawn to the woods. I had an accident in the water as a child, but that hasn't stopped me from having fun in the lake! Some people might call me a mama's boy, but that's nothing to lose your head over. Pick me - I know it will be crystal clear that we're meant to be.


generic male symbol and question markMystery Date # 2 - Trust me, I know hot - and baby, I'm it. Let me cut through the b.s. and tell you that I know I am the man of your dreams. Would you rather take a nap than go on a date? I've been waiting forever to hear someone say that to me. I have a wicked sense of humor. Oh - and did I mention? I'm great with teens. I can just get in their heads somehow. Pick me - unless you're craven.


generic male symbol and question markMystery Date # 3 - Are you game for a date? I just love puzzles, but I promise I'm not a player. Sorry about the puns, but I can't help it. I have a killer wit. I guess you could say games/puzzles are what I'm known for - well, that and helping people. I just love helping people realize their full potential and truly embrace life. Pick me - I know we'll fit together like pieces of a puzzle.


generic male symbol and question markMystery Date # 4 - I know it won't win me friends, but I have to admit - I'm not big on reading. Despite that downfall, trust me when I say that I'm always willing to lend a hand. I guess you could say I'm very self-possessed. I also happen to know quite a bit about medieval Europe, so if you're a history buff, let's talk about it! Oh - and I'm somewhat local. I lived in Jacksonville for a short time. Pick me - it'll be... groovy.


generic male symbol and question markMystery Date #5 - I'm not big on revealing my true self, but for a date I'll try. I would really like to get to know someone on a deeper level - show them more than what's skin deep. I'm extremely close to my family. We're really crafty. We have all sorts of homemade furniture in the house. Oh - and we're good at cooking too (mainly white meat). Our chili is award-winning! We just love it when visitors come over. Pick me - I'm prime meat.


generic male symbol and question markMystery Date #6 - I'm a foreigner, so if you love accents, I'm sure to delight. I suppose you could call me a bodybuilder of sorts. I hope you have an extensive closet, because I love to share clothes - the flashier the better. I love simple foods - you know sometimes you just can't beat a piece of cold meatloaf. Pick me - and be my creature of the night.


If you're seeking women - b&w

generic woman symbol and question mark Mystery Date #1 - They say misery loves company, and I kinda get that. When people are at their lowest, I just love taking care of them. I'm a nurse by trade if you haven't guessed. I'm a big reader - a super fan you could say. I would do *anything* to make sure my favorite series keeps going. That's true dedication - which I can show to you too. No dirty birds need apply. Pick me - I know we'll have a smashing good time.


generic woman symbol and question mark Mystery Date #2 - I've always been a bit... special. The way I was raised, religion was everything and modesty was paramount. Now however I'm finally starting to realize I have power of my own - and a rockin' body. I don't want to be cryptic, but let's just say that I can be very moving when the mood strikes - just don't laugh at me. Pick me - we'll be as happy pigs in blood. I mean mud. Mud.


generic woman symbol and question mark Mystery Date # 3 - Lots of girls dream of being on TV, but I can actually say I've done it. I've been told I have such a presence that it's like I'm right there in the room with you. I haven't let it go to my head though. I'm still that same girl who was raised on a horse farm. Some people might call me fickle and flighty - I haven't had any relationships last more than a week. I think it's just because I haven't found the right one yet. Pick me - we'll drown in love.


generic woman symbol and question mark Mystery Date #4 - Let me say up front - I have a kid. He just shines, even in dark times, and I just love him so much. I'm pretty introverted and am used to being by myself a lot (though sometimes that was due to location, not choice). I prefer warmer weather to cold and have been known swing a bat around on occasion. No alcoholics, please - I've had bad experiences in the past. Pick me - if you're not a dull boy.


generic woman symbol and question mark Mystery Date #5 - I am *such* a typical Gemini. I swear - it seems like I'm two different people sometimes. I guess you could call me a hipster because everything I know is so underground. I like dancing and going to carnivals - especially the fun house! It's so chilling to see yourself reflected in all those mirrors. I hope you're not allergic to rabbits - I keep a lot of them around. Pick me - and let's hold hands everywhere. 


generic woman symbol and question mark Mystery Date #6 - I'm told I have a soothing voice - that it's almost hypnotic. I don't know about that, but people do have an easy time relaxing around me - they just kinda sink down into their chairs. I am quite the tea connoisseur and am not often without a cup at hand. Yes, I'm older, but I have a rejuvenation technique to die for. Pick me - I can help you feel like a new person. 


if you're seeking non-binary - b&w shadow

red background, white question markMystery Date #1 - I might look super goth, but I promise there's more to me than that. I'm very creative and specialize in one-of-a-kind artisan book-making. I am very well-dressed and have quite the distinctive style - recognizable almost anywhere. I am loyal to a fault, so once you let me in, I'm around for good. Pick me - let me possess your heart.


red background, white question markMystery Date #2 - They say the world is all about who you know and who you can influence. Well trust me - I am well-connected and highly favored. Some say that I am misguided, but I would argue that I'm a visionary. It takes true faith to step out and take action on your convictions. Believe that when I say I'll be your constant companion, I mean it. Pick me - and let me be the angel on your shoulder.


red background, white question markMystery Date # 3 - If you say that winter is your favorite season, then I'm the one for you! I thrive in Arctic temperatures! I am highly adaptable - a bit of a chameleon if you will. I just love getting wrapped up in another's personality until we're like the same person. Some would say that's a negative, but I don't think so! It avoids conflict - and I just hate it when things get heated. Pick me - I promise I'll be an out-of-this-world companion!


red background, white question markMystery Date # 4 - Some might say that my worldview is a bit upside-down, but they're just not looking at things from my perspective. I have a preternatural sense of smell - I'm almost like a shark in that sense. Oh - and I am excellent at really connecting with kids. It's like I can almost hear what they're thinking - like a telephone. Pick me - I can open up other worlds for you.


red background, white question markMystery Date #5 - I'm a bit of a nomad - I always need to be moving. It's just a part of my personality, like how I like to constantly change and evolve. Good news is, it's like you'll always have a different partner to discover. Don't worry - I'll still be the old charming me who can get away with murder. The one thing I haven't evolved beyond is that I'm a solid carnivore, so sorry - no vegetarians, please. Pick me - and let me change your life.


red background, white question markMystery date # 6 - I'm what you call larger than life. I mean - not only am I insanely tall, but after all the sleeping I've been doing, I'm ready to take on the world! I love the ocean - I practically live in the water. I'm not worried if you've been a cheater. I'm the type that people worship, so I know you will too. You'd be crazy not to. Pick me - I'll drive you mad with desire.