Tower Road Teen Comic Book Club

Do you love to read comics, collect comics, or just interested in learning about them? Bring your comics and we'll start a comic book swap!  Are you a fan of the TV shows or the movies? Flash fans lets discuss Dr. Wells and the Reverse Flash. Have you seen Daredevil from netflix? Lets talk about the show and why you love it. Are you dying for Doctor Strange to come out? Come get your geek on and discuss the latest happenings of your favorite characters.

All Teens (12+) are welcome. So come join us for some snacks and comic book fun. 

Where: Tower Road Library meeting room                                                               

When: August 12th @ 6 PM

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Green Lantern 6 : New Guardians (The New 52)

Superman. Under Fire; the New 52 Volume 5, Under fire

Avengers : Battle With Ultron

Superman: Krypton Returns : The New 52

Avengers Assemble 2