Author Tim Dorsey Visits Waldo

Tim Dorsey and map of Florida where his stories take placeTim Dorsey will present his lastest novel that is set in Florida, No Sunscreen for the Dead, on Friday, September 27 at 5:00 pm in the Waldo Meeting Room. Books will be available for purchase. Already own the book? Bring it and have it signed! 

Dorsey has written 25 novels. Most of Dorsey's novels feature Serge A. Storms as the primary character. The first novel was published in 1999, Florida Roadkill. The main character has several coexisting mental illnesses that render him obsessive, psychopathic, schizophrenic, and frequently homicidal, but Storms serves as the anti-hero in Dorsey's works due to his strong sense of moral absolutism and justice. Serge is intelligent, and frequently devises wildly inventive ways of condemning villains (or at least who he perceives as such) to death. His co-pilot in his adventures is Coleman, the exact opposite of Serge. Whereas Serge is high-strung and straight-edge, Coleman is a drug user who goes to extreme lengths to maintain his buzz.

In this new novel, No Sunscreen for the Dead, Serge and Coleman are back on the road, ready to hit the next stop on their list of obscure and wacky points of interest in the Sunshine State. This time, Serge’s interest is drawn to one of the largest retirement villages in the world—also known as the site of an infamous sex scandal between a retiree and her younger beau that rocked the community.

What starts out as an innocent quest to observe elders in their natural habitats, sample the local cuisine, and scope out a condo to live out the rest of their golden years, soon becomes a Robin Hood-like crusade to recover the funds of swindled residents. After all, our seniors should be revered and respected—they’ve heroically fought in wars, garnered priceless wisdom, and they have the best first-hand accounts of bizarre Floridian occurrences only Serge would know about. But as the resident’s rally for Serge to seek justice on their behalves, two detectives are hot on the heels of Serge and Coleman’s murderous trail.


Posted by AnnL on August 23, 2019