Youth Voters in Waldo

Youth in Waldo have the opportunity to vote...

Though Trevaras is not yet 18, he took the opportunity to have his voice heard at the Waldo Branch Library.  He completed a secret ballot selecting who he would like for President.  

He also voted on whether to or not support the following:

  • One Mill for schools, which would support school nurses, elementary music & art programs; K-12 school library & guidance; middle & high school band & chorus; academics/career technical magnet programs; & update classroom technology.  
  • Wild Spaces & Public Places, which supports purchase of land to improve drinking water sources; water quality; wildlife habitat; and create, improve & maintain parks & recreational facilities.


Anthony, a high school senior, registered to vote online at the Waldo Library!  He came by a few days ago and shared with staff that he had just received his voter registration card and is excited to vote on election day!

We are proud of their civic involvement!

Posted by KerryD on November 8, 2016