DIY Book Page Flowers To Keep or To Gift

open book with flowerOne of the best ways to make use of books with tired spines, stains, or rips is to turn them into something new. Crafters have turned recycled book pages into wreaths, hearts, animals, and other decorations to extend the life of their favorite novels. With Valentine's season upon us, what greater gift for your favorite book worm (or yourself!) than a handmade bouqet of flowers from book pages? 






To make these flowers, you'll need:

  • book pages (at least three) cut into squares
  • Tape, glue, or hot glue
  • Something for the stem: a straw, a lollipop stick, wire. If you don't have any of these, find a pencil or pen to use to roll an extra book page (one page, cut in half vertically) up as a stem!
  • Scissors

Watch the video to see how to put them together! For more ideas on how to craft with book pages, watch paper craft videos and subsitute the book pages as paper on Creativebug or check out our selection of books on paper crafts