Computers at the Library

Using Computers at the Library

All Library branches have computer workstations available for public use, including PCs with Internet access or with restricted access to selected Library databases and websites. Some computers have software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Some locations offer other types of computers, such as laptops for in-library use, Express PCs for short Internet sessions, PC workstations designed for children, and eGovernment PCs, used to apply for unemployment or other government assistance.

Contact your local branch for information about availability. Most computers require a library card for access. Read about library cards, and how to apply for one.

All Library locations offer free WiFi. Visit the Library with your laptop, netbook, smartphone or other wireless-enabled device, and you can access the Internet. Just look for "Library_Hotspot" in your network or WiFi settings.

Print at the library:

Please note that copiers and printers accept silver change and $1 or $5 bills, but no Credit Cards. We are not able to provide change.


Here are some tips you can use to protect your privacy and personal information while using library computers:

  • When using catalog and research computers in the library, be sure to log out and close your web browser window.
  • If you use a library Internet PC, never leave yourself logged in when you leave. Be sure to end your PC Reservation session, which will restart the computer and wipe your personal information. Ask library staff for assistance if needed.