Print at the library

Please note that copiers and printers accept silver change and $1 or $5 bills, but no Credit Cards. We are not able to provide change.

You can pick up your print jobs at the library in just a few easy steps, assuming you sent your print jobs:

  1. Pickup: Locate the printing station at your pickup library branch and scan your library card (or enter your library card number) or enter your unique user name you gave your print job (this would be step 6 if you printed from a library computer).
    How to Print
    Card number entry
  2. Select: Your print jobs will appear on the touchscreen for you to select (this would be steps 7 and 8 if you printed from a library computer).
    Print job selection screen.
  3. Pay: Deposit cash ($1 or $5 bills only) or coins ($0.05, $0.10, or $0.25 only) and select "OK" (this would be step 9 if you printed form a library computer).
    Print payment screen.
  4. Done: Your print job is complete and you can log out and retrieve your print job from the printer.
    Log out screen


By Otto on September 29, 2021