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Spring Into Reading

As plants fight off the winter cold, shake off your reading rut and dive into something vibrant and new. We’ve gathered a few recommendations here to help you get excited about all of the new growth. Whether it’s a atmospheric romance or creepy crawly mystery, your library has the best book to read as spring blooms.

This Poison Heart
Kalynn Bayron

Teenaged Briseis, who possesses a supernatural power over plants, even poisonous ones, inherits a dilapidated estate in rural New York and must protect herself and her family from centuries-old secrets that threaten their lives.

Serendipity : Ten Romantic Tropes Transformed
Marissa Meyer

From stories of first love, unrequited love, love that surprises, love that's been there all along, ten of the brightest and award-winning authors writing YA have taken on some of your favorite romantic tropes, embracing them and turning them on their heads. Readers will swoon for this collection of stories that celebrate love at its most humorous, inclusive, heart-expanding, and serendipitous.

This Woven Kingdom
Tahereh Mafi

Alizeh is an orphaned servant who keeps to the shadows and tries to avoid drawing attention to herself. She is a jinn, and even though there is a truce between the jinn and the clay, that doesn't mean that she is safe from violence. In the palace across the city lives Crown Prince Kamran, who spends his time dedicated to the empire and aspiring to be a ruler like his grandfather. When their worlds collide, both Alizeh and Kamran must accept truths that will affect their futures and that put them on opposing sides.