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The Cone Park branch offers multiple programs for children and teens throughout the month of August. Drop by and check them out!
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Set yourself up for success in school with our afternoon Homework Help
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Join us this fall for hand sewing classes for children at multiple locations in the Alachua County Library District.

Kids' events

Reading aloud to your child

A parent reading to a child, who's reaching out to flip the page.
When's the best time to start reading to your child?

As early as possible! Babies love the closeness and the sound of your voice. You are also demonstrating to your child that reading is an essential part of life. Check out some of our favorite books to share with your baby.

Check-out toys at the Library!

The Alachua County Library District has a toy collection! You can check out our sensory toys for up to two weeks. How does it work? Just click on the image below and place a hold or speak to library staff.

What are sensory toys and why are they important? Sensory toys are designed to engage a child's attention both cognitively and physically by stimulating one or more of the five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

I hope you enjoy these amazing toys that everyone is raving about and continue to include them in the growth and development of your little ones. Below are the different types of sensory toys in our collection, click on the link to reserve and learn more!


Convertible Construction Cones

Counting Caterpillar

Grippies Magnetic Toys

Hide n' Tweet Eggs

Honeybee Tree

Interlocking Building Blocks & Shapes

Jumbo Nuts & Bolts Set

Little Cooperation

Magnetic Color Maze

Marine Rescue Center

Memory Caps

   Monkey Bingo

Mr. Mouth

Musical Gator

Numbered Tumbling Tower


Peekaboo Lock Boxes

Picasso Tiles

Pound a Ball

Ruff's House: Teaching Tactile Set

 Sensory Puzzle Blocks

Shapes & Sound Sorter

Shark Fishery

Snail's Pace Race

Sound Puzzle: Vehicles


Tobbles Neo