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Posted by: JessicaMc
Are you a little stir-crazy? Need to get some wiggles out? Yoga is a great way to get moving, increase focus and help decrease stress and anxiety. Now is the perfect time to start your practice with these videos.
Posted by: SheilaB
Learn about Hurricanes with the National Hurricane Center. Videos in English and Spanish for 4th, 5th and 6th graders.
Posted by: MadisonS
It’s coming time for our next AnimationSpace event here at the library! Since we have to put our in-person programs on hold for a while longer, today we’re going to learn how to make our own stop-motion films at home using the app Stop Motion Studio.

Kids' events

Learn a language with Transparent and KidSpeak


Children can learn a language with both KidSpeak and elementary courses from Transparent. Learn more from our blog!

Reading aloud to your child

A parent reading to a child, who's reaching out to flip the page.
When's the best time to start reading to your child?

As early as possible! Babies love the closeness and the sound of your voice. You are also demonstrating to your child that reading is an essential part of life. Check out some of our favorite books to share with your baby.