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What an amazing year so far. Check out what's coming up in November!
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Join us Saturdasy this November for a kid-friendly movie in the Storywoods Room of the Headquarters Library!
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Children learn new words, letters, and sounds when you talk, read, sing, write, and play together.

Kids' events

Reading aloud to your child

A parent reading to a child, who's reaching out to flip the page.
When's the best time to start reading to your child?

As early as possible! Babies love the closeness and the sound of your voice. You are also demonstrating to your child that reading is an essential part of life. Check out some of our favorite books to share with your baby.

See what's new in the Tower Road Children's Department

Come see the redesigned Tower Road Children's Department featuring the Zip Zap Pod, a custom-made, interactive, early literacy station designed by the amazing artists at the Burgeon Group. And make sure to visit when we have the Rigamajig out for cooperative large-scale building fun!

Image of Tower Road Children's Department

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