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The Library’s Literacy Program serves adults in our community who are interested in:

  • Improving basic reading skills
  • Learning English (for non-native speakers)
  • Improving literacy skills in Spanish (in preparation for entering a traditional English learning program)

How to get started:
If you know an adult who struggles with basic literacy or who wants to learn English, ask him or her to contact the Literacy Program:

Literacy Coordinator, Sheila Bishop, (352) 334-3929 or

Literacy Specialist, Jeremy Merritt, (352) 334-3920 or

All messages are private.


One man tutoring another in a library

How it works:

  • The program is completely confidential
  • All materials and services are free
  • Services are offered at most library branches
  • Flexible schedules accommodate both learners and tutors

How to sign up for help:                       
Call the Literacy Coordinator at (352) 334-3929 to learn more about the program and to schedule an intake meeting. 

Open enrollment for ESOL classes is held on Tuesdays from 11 am - 2 pm at the Headquarters library, Literacy Program office. You can expect enrollment to take about 15 minutes, so the last intake will be at 1:45.  Because we cover all of Alachua County, we are often off-site outside of these hours.

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Interested in basic literacy tutoring?

The next training will be in early 2020. To be placed on our training wait list, please contact staff mentioned above. We will contact you once the dates are set.

We will update this webpage with more information about our training program in January 2020. 


Once matched with learners, tutors are expected to meet twice each week for tutoring sessions that last approximately one hour at the determined Library Branch location.

*It is necessary to be a native English speaker or have native-like fluency in order to serve in the Literacy Program.

For information about trainings or becoming a volunteer tutor, please contact the Literacy Coordinator at (352) 334-3929.

Volunteer tutor task descriptions can be found here.

Current tutorsUse this form to submit monthly reports.

Key Contacts

Florida Literacy State Hotline: 1-800-237-5113

Florida Literacy Coalition

250 N. Orange Avenue
Suite 1110
Orlando, FL 32801 
Phone (407) 246-7110
Fax (407) 246-7104

The National Literacy Directory is a joint effort of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, the National Center for Families Learning and ProLiteracy. Find a program in any area of the United States at this site.

ESOL Classes

We currently offer 4 free ESOL classes.  Please contact Literacy Program staff to join a class.

Literacy/Education Programs in Alachua County

GED (General Education Development) Information

Looking for a GED program? Questions about GED classes and testing?

Below are GED programs in our community:

Santa Fe College:
GED classes
Northwest Campus

Downtown Blount Campus

Archer Campus

Alachua County Public Schools:
GED classes; testing site

Gainesville Community Ministries:
GED classes
238 SW 4th Avenue
Gainesville 32601