Print at the library with your mobile device

Please note that copiers and printers accept silver change and $1 or $5 bills, but no Credit Cards. We are not able to provide change.

ePRINTit Public Print Locations app logo with rectangle overlapping a white cloud
You can now use your Apple (iOS) or Android mobile device to send print jobs to the library for pickup at any of our locations during open hours.  To get started, you will need to download the free ePRINTit app labled "Public Print Locations".   You can follow the process with screen shots further below.

Here are a few features available for printing with our ePRINTit "Public Print Locations" app:

  • Submit multiple print jobs
  • Send and pickup at any branch location
  • Print from email, picture, the Web, Dropbox, Office 365, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Files.
  • Multiple copies and page range options.
  • Black and White or Color options.

Follow these 10 steps to send your print jobs through the ePRINTit "Public Print Locations" app.

  1. Get the app: Go to the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play store (for Android devices) to search for and download the ePRINTit app labeled "Public Print Locations" by Corp.
    Get ePRINTit app, Secure Cloud Printing
  2. Terms: You will have to accept the terms to proceed.
    Accept privacy terms
  3. Print options: You will have the option to print emails, pictures, Web pages, Drop Box items, Office 365 items, Google Drive items, OneDrive items, Box items, and Files.
    What would you like to print? email, pictures, web, dropbox, office 365, google drive, onedrive, box, files
  4. Providers (the library): Select our "TBS" printing provider. (If your location services are not on, you can bypass the "Warning" message by selecting "OK" and searching for your local branch)
    Select TBS provider
  5. Branch location: Select your branch location.
    Select branch of Alachua County Library District
  6. Details: Enter your detailed request, including number of copies, page numbers or range of pages, and black and white, or color, options, and scroll down the page to enter your library card number (or unique name) under "User Informaion".  You will need this card number or name to pick up your print job at the library.
    Print job settings
  7. Print: Once you've entered your library card number or unique name, select "Print".
  8. Terms of Use: You will need to select "Accept" to proceed.
    Accept Terms of Use
  9. Confirmation: You can select your printout or delete it if you wish.
  10. Go! You are ready to go to your pickup location and you can get directions if you need them.
  11. Pickup: You can read additional directions online for picking up your print jobs at the library.
By Otto on June 14, 2021