Lady Midnight - a review by Chloe


Ever since her parents deaths, Emma Carstairs has been determined to find their killer. So one day when she becomes aware of a series of mysterious deaths, Emma knows it has something to do with her parents' deaths. Her and her friend begin researching, and finding people to help them find more clues towards the killer, when some unexpected help comes their way.

Julian Blackthorn, Emma's parabatai, learned at a young age how to care for his many siblings, as after his parents died, and his two older siblings were taken away, he was the next oldest. Then, a group of Faerie leaders come to the institute, their home, and make a deal with the family that they will return their oldest brother if the Blackthorns help them figure out how the murderer is. Mark, the oldest brother, helps them on their mysterious mission, but there is a catch: they have to find the killer without bringing any attention to themselves since it is illegal to help the Faeries, and they could risk having Mark taken away from them and their whole family being ripped apart. The whole time they go on this long journey, Julian and Emma begin to realize their feelings for each other are mutual. They have both loved each other since they were very young, but it is completely illegal for them to have any sort of romantic relationship because they are parabatai, two people who are bonded in an extreme way.

Lady Midnight is a very long book that will keep you reading without boring you. It is an extremely exciting, action-packed read. The plot was twists and turns and really keeps the story interesting. At certain parts, it could have been changed a little bit, as the main character, Emma, was sometimes basic character. She wasn’t unique, and I felt as though lots of books have characters that are very similar to her. Lady Midnight is the first in the Dark Artifices series, and you can read it in print, eBook, and eAudiobook.

Discussion Questions

  1. Did you like Emma's character? If not, what would you change about her? Are there other characters you would have changed?
  2. Who did you think would be the killer? Did you expect it to be who it was?
  3. Why do you think Annabel was able to come back to life in the end? What problems do you think her new awakening will cause? 

Trivia (answers below!)

  1. What colors were Mark's two eyes? 
  2. What was the word Emma made up that Ty compared to Shakespeare?
  3. When Ty got angry during the test and broke the radio instead of doing what he was told, what was the thing Mark said to him to make him feel better?
  4. When going into the convergence site, what were the runes that Mark finally allowed Julian to put on him? 
  5. What was the rune Julian put on Emma right before going into the cave?

Cover of Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare Cover of Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare Cover of Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare

Answer key

  1. One gold and one blue (pg. 132)
  2. Murderate (pg. 382)
  3. “Now we both have hurt hands” (pg. 241)
  4. Courage and Agility (pg. 567)
  5. Endurance (pg. 572)