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Seed Library FAQ


The seed library is currently closed due to Covid-19.


What is the Seed Library?

We share free seeds and gardening tips with all gardeners, new and experienced. Ask your local branch staff about our seed libraries the next time you visit!


Where do you get the seeds?

Seeds are donated from a wide variety of sources including Working Food, Lowe's, Home Depot, Reddick Brothers Hardware, and our patrons!


Do I need a library card?

No. The seed library is free and open to anyone with or without a library card. We're happy to sign you up for one!


Do I need to pay? How many seeds can I take?

Each library has set their own checkout limit depending on what they are able to provide but all seeds are free. Check with your library for information specific to their location.


How do I borrow seeds?

Check at the front desk when you visit one of our library branches. Some count each person, some count each packet, but we all love to see the seed library being used.


Am I required to return seeds?



How do I donate seeds to the library?

Fill out a SEED DONATION form with as much information as you are able to provide. Forms are available at all libraries.


I borrowed some seeds but they didn't sprout. What happened?

Our seeds come from many sources. We hope all seeds donated to the library are viable but we can't make any guarantees. If you kept the packet, bring it in and let the seed librarian know and we'll run a sprout test.


My library doesn’t have seeds/doesn’t have the seed I’m looking for.

Let the librarian know! Even in our locations without a seed library we’re happy to send seeds for you to pick up on your next visit.


Seed Saving

If you are new to seed saving and want to give it a try, Community Seed Network has several resources listed on their website. Check with your seed librarian as well. We try to schedule seed saving workshops from time to time and there might be one coming up.

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