They Both Die At The End - a review by Chloe

Cover of They Both Die At The End by Adam SilveraMateo is terrified of dying. When he receives the alert from Death Cast that he will be dying sometime that day, he panics. He has always been too afraid to go out of the house and do regular everyday things. On his End Day, he wants to finally go out in the world and live before he dies. He joins an app called Last Friend, where he meets Rufus. Rufus has lived in foster care since the day his parents and sister passed away on the day that they received the alert. Rufus receives the alert on the same day as Mateo and joins Last Friend to have someone to pass the time with.

The book follows the friends as they visit loved ones and make the most of their last few hours. Although it starts slow, the story becomes more fun as Mateo and Rufus become closer. Beware - the ending is a little open ended. This book is really enjoyable and worth your time to read. You can check it out in print, eBook, and eAudiobook.


Five trivia questions

  1. At the World Travel Arena, what color were the healthy Decker’s wristbands?
  2.  At the World Travel Arena, what color were the guests' wristbands?
  3. When Rufus, Mateo, and Lidia are on the Around the World in 80 minutes Tour, what place did they stop at and jump off the cliff?
  4. What did Rufus say he wanted to swim with in Mexico instead of sharks?
  5. Which subway stop had the train that Mateo and Rufus got on before the lights went out?

Three Discussion Questions

  1. Did you like the way the book ended? If not, how would you have changed it?
  2. Did you like that the book also had several smaller characters’ story engraved in it?
  3. Which side character did you like the best?
  4. Out of all the activities that Rufus and Mateo did, what was your favorite (which one did you find most entertaining, etc.)?

Answers to trivia questions

  1. Yellow (pg. 281)
  2. Orange (pg. 281
  3. Puerto Rico (pg. 284)
  4. Dolphins (pg. 203)
  5. Columbus Circle (pg. 202)