Get to Know the Alachua Staff - Pets Edition

Here at the Alachua Branch, our staff REALLY love our pets! We wanted to share that love and our pets with you at home. Check out this behind-the-scenes glimpse of our staff’s lives away from the library with photos and blurbs about our fur-babies.


Meet Mrs. Tracey’s fur-babies, Diesel and Tank.

Diesel is a 5-year-old pit bull who was born into the family. Her dog mom and dad belonged to my in-laws, so she has been with us since she was 6-weeks old. This sweet brindle pup is my best friend and is so sweet. She knows how to give you a high-five, which she will do repeatedly to get a dog cookie.

Tank is a 4-month-old hound, pit mix. He has been part of our family for about a month now and is still trying to learn the ropes. He is very food motivated and will do just about anything you want if it will get him a dog cookie. He is a beautiful buff color and is constantly making us laugh. 


Meet Jolene. Jolene is the newest addition to Lisa’s family. She is a black lab mix. Jolene brings plenty of puppy love to Lisa’s household. This precious puppy loves to pose for the camera.


Penelope belongs to Ms. Pat’s family.


Hi I am John at the Alachua Branch Library. My family does not have any pets. However my brother Ben has two dogs Named Mello and Hutch. Mello is darker brown dog in the picture. When my 6 year old son visits his Uncle Ben and Aunt Kim he pretends the dogs are his.


This here is Ms. Jordyn's cat Luka. She says "Luka is a cat who acts more like a dog and loves to do crazy stunts. He also always wants cuddles and makes sure to voice his opinion when he’s not happy about something."

duck duck

Mrs. Jessica's family has some unique pets. Above are just a couple of the many ducks she has on her property.

Do you want to learn more about pets? We have a lot of materials available in our catalog about different types of pets, training, and even more family stories. Click the following link to find more about pets.

We also have several esources that could help you find information about pets. Find a list here. For children, Kids InfoBits is a wealth of information and a ton of fun as well. They have videos, articles, and photos of all kinds of topics. Check it out!