Let's Start Quilling!

Have you heard of quilling? Quilling is a popular craft that uses strips of paper that are rolled into coils, shaped, and glued together to make artistic designs.The designs can be used to make greeting cards, pictures, jewelry, and much more! Various tools can be used for quilling.The slotted tool is the most important tool and will produce higher quality coils than homemade tools. 

picture of a slotted Quilling tool

a picture of a Q-tip and a toothpick with split endsThere are two handy "tools" you probably have at home - a toothpick and a Q-tip. With little alteration, they can be used to roll paper coils.




The supplies needed include scissors, glue, cut strips of colored paper, a quilling tool, and a foundation. A few examples of a foundation can be a tile, a small canvas, paper card stock, or a shadow box. The designs can even be applied to a vase or a bottle! Take a look around the house to see what interesting foundation you can come up with!




Here is an example of a quilling project with flowers and a butterfly:

a picture of flowers and a butterfly


You can find even more paper crafting ideas using the library's CreativeBug eSource.      


Discover some great books on paper crafts, such as the ones below. In addition, you can find many paper crafting eBooks on Overdrive

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Let's Start Quilling!