Repurposing Disinfecting Wipes Containers



With many of us accumulating empty disinfecting wipes containters these days, it's a great time to repurpose. Before you throw your next container into the recycle bin, think about what a wonderful creation you can turn it in to! It could be a decoration for your home or a new container that holds other types of items. A wipes container could even be a home for a mythical creature! Are there any special occasions coming up? You could create a personalized gift to give to a friend or family member and save money at the same time! It's amazing how ideas will begin to flow once you get in touch with your inner artist!  Check out one of the library's books to inspire you! If you prefer to read an eBook, visit Overdrive and find more ideas on upcycling.


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Posted by JeannaW on November 17, 2020