Make a Snowflake!

There are a lot of paper snowflake templates available online to choose from.  But they are extremely difficult to cut out if your hands aren't as strong or dexterous as others.  So I went looking for a snowflake craft that was beautiful and easy to make.  Here's what I found.

1. Fold a 8.5 x 11.0 in paper diagonally to create a triangle. Then cut off the excess paper.

2. Draw a line down the center to mark the midway point. snowflake triangle

3. Make 5 cuts up to the middle on both sides.  But don't cut all the way across. Snowflake triangle cuts

4. Open up, and, starting from the middle, curl and overlap.  I find taping the ends the simplest but you can also staple it together.snowflake fold 1

5. Flip it over and take the next ends, overlap and tape. snowflake fold 2

6. Repeat until you reach the last one. snowflake fold 3

7. You will need to make 6 of these.  Once you've completed each piece you can tape or staple the pieces together. 

You will need to staple the center.  snowflake assembly 2

Then the sides like so- snowflake assembly 5snowflake assembly 3

Until finally you have a complete snowflake. complete snowflake