What IS a Drop Spindle?

What in the world is a drop spindle?

A photo of four wooden drop spindles on a white background. Each has yarn of varying lengths with wool roving on the top in different colors.

A drop spindle is a simple device that can be used to make yarn from wool roving, cotton, or other fibers. They can be made from a few simple objects or can be purchased already constructed, and look like a stick with a round wheel-like base and hook on one end. On the third Wednesday of each month at the Archer Branch, Stephanie Giles will show us not only how to make a drop spindle, but how to use it as well! Materials will be provided, or you can bring your own drop spindle and supplies. Get tips and practice making your own yarn that you can then use for knitting, crocheting, or any other yarn craft!

A photo of a person in a purple sleeveless dress and a pink visor standing outdoors, using a drop spindle with a basket of white wool roving sitting next to them.

Join us for Drop Spindle Class at the Archer Branch on the third Wednesday of the month this winter: December 18, January 15, and February 19. This class is for teens and adults.

Posted by CrissyH on September 6, 2019