Artist Visit: Mitsuhiro Arita

Mitsuhiro Arita

Mitsuhiro Arita will be at the Headquarters Library on Thursday, June 8th at 1:00pm in Meeting Room B. He will conduct a live demo of his art work and will also discuss his work as a professional illustrator. Fans of Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Star Wars and art in general are sure to enjoy this program!


Mitsuhiro Arita was born in Fukuoka, Japan and currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. He started his career as a professional illustrator in 1996, when he began work on the Pokemon TCG during its proto-type stage. He has continued to work on it for the past 20+ years. He also designed the first five energy symbols for the game. If you are at all familiar with this card game, you have most likely seen some of his artwork.

Gyarados Charmander Dragonair

While working on the Pokemon TCG, he did some work with the small Japanese publisher Shinkigensha on books mainly about mythology, history and fantasy subjects. He has done over 100 card illustrations for the computer card and board game, Culdcept. He also spent 10+ years working on the world of Final Fantasy XI, named "Vana'diel," which was created by Kenichi Iwao. 

Culdcept Culdcept Culdcept

For more information on Mitsuhiro Arita, visit his website or follow him on Facebook.