Celebrate Black History

Black History Month bar featuring photos of historic black figures

Each February, we celebrate Black History Month by recognizing and honoring the outstanding contributions that Black Americans have made to American history and culture. At the Library District, we're celebrating by promoting Black stories in our collection.

Black History Month began as a week in February 1926. President Ford extended the week into National Black History Month in 1976, but he kept the month of February to continue to honor the birthdays of Frederick Douglass, a formerly enslaved, prominent abolitionist and talented orator, and President Abraham Lincoln. Try one of these reads by Black authors with Black characters to celebrate Black history and culture by diversifying your reading.


Children & Teens

Let's Talk Books! Kids Celebrate Black History Month

Join Youth Services Librarian Ms. Madison Wednesday, Feb. 24 at 3 p.m. on Zoom for a live book talk on our favorite children's books that celebrate Black history. This program is recommended for school-aged children. 

Children's Fiction

Our favorite children's fiction celebrating Black history and lives.

Children's Nonfiction 

Great titles in our collection for children and families to explore and learn about Black history in America.

Lesser-Known Figures

Meet the Black opera singers, painters, ballerinas, and astronauts that shaped our history. 

Books for Preschoolers

Explore new facets of Black history and read books with young characters that preschool children will love. 

Teen Reads

Find fantasy, contemporary fiction, and LGBTQIA+ titles for teens.


Black Icons: Harris, Owens, Price, Carver

Get to know America's new VP, an Olympian, the first Black prima donna, and an acclaimed chemist. 

Black Icons: Obama, Chisholm, Jemison, Simone

Read about Black groundbreakers in leadership, space, and art.

Black History Month: Hot off the presses!

Recently-published biographies and nonfiction titles.

Art and Artists

Black artists who shape American culture and art. 

Millhopper Book Club

Join the discussion of Kiley Reid’s debut novel, Such a Fun Age.


Research African American lineage with our free resources.

Black Lives Matter

The discussion around #BlackLivesMatter cannot be encapsulated in only these books, but these books are part of the conversation.



Award-winning documentaries that examine history of U.S. racism and injustice against Black citizens.

Spike Lee Joints

Iconic films that embody Lee's unique vision and impact on American culture. 

Movie Talk: African American Films

Hollywood stars and movies that reflect significant moments in African American history.