Alachua County Trails

Santa Fe River

sign of Sweet Water Preserve
Alachua County trails are perfect opportunities for social distancing and exercise. The trails aren't crowded, but still allow you the ability to get fresh air, sunshine, and exercise, all while enjoying the beauty of nature. The majority of open trails are overseen by either Alachua County, the City of Gainesville or the Alachua Conservation Trust. You can find lists of trails and maps at these organizations' websites. Some include information about the trail, pictures, exact GPS locations of the starting point, brochures, and advice.


red reptile found at Santa Fe River Preserve
trail warning sign
Remember to dress appropriately, protect yourself from the sun, bring water, watch out for wildlife, practice social distancing and follow all rules posted at the trail. Here are more safety tips from the Florida Trail Association. Safety is important!


There are lots of activities you can do while walking a trail. Photography, bird watching, wild life identification, plant identification, geocaching, and learning historic and environmental facts about the park or trail. You can take the library with you to complement these activities. Check out these photographyplant and wildlife identification, and travel or trail information eBooks from Overdrive. You can download these eBooks to your mobile device at home and then take them with you, with no need to worry about an Internet connection while on the trail.

All photos taken by Heather Beck in March and April 2020.

By BethN on June 3, 2021