Celebrate National Spaghetti Day!

National Spaghetti Day

January 4th is National Spaghetti Day! Whatever your choice of sauce and toppings, today is a day to cook, eat, and share your favorite version of this spectacular dish. But why stop at spag bol when there are oodles of noodles around the world just waiting to be explored? Take a look at our collection of noodle cookbooks and find the dish perfect to celebrate this delicious holiday!

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Not a big fan of cooking? Not to worry! We've included some spaghetti westerns to round out our spaghetti day rec list. No one said you had to eat spaghetti to celebrate.


Fresh Pasta at Home cover art

Fresh Pasta at Home: 10 Doughs, 20 Shapes, 100+ Recipes, with or without a Machine by America's Test Kitchen [2022]

Turn homemade pasta into your new favorite kitchen hobby with foolproof methods and 100-plus recipes that make it totally achievable. Whether you use a hand-crank machine, electric machine, extruder, or rolling pin and elbow grease, you can make incredible pasta from scratch using ATK's rigorously tested techniques. Then choose one of the delectable recipes to show off your impressive-every-time pasta to perfection. More than a dozen Pasta doughs made with eggs, semolina, whole grains, vegetables, and even gluten-free flours are proportioned for perfect results whether you're using a machine or not. Plenty of step-by-step photos accompany crystal-clear instructions for rolling out pasta sheets and cutting and forming shapes, all accompanied by irresistible photos of the finished dishes. 


Milk Street Noodles cover art

Milk Street Noodles: Secrets to the World’s Best Noodles, from Fettuccine Alfredo to Pad Thai to Miso Ramen by Christopher Kimball [2023]

It's time to twirl and slurp bowls of pasta, ramen, spaetzle, lo mein, and more with 125 recipes for noodles from around the world, from the James Beard Award-winning team at Milk Street

In Milk Street Noodles, the Milk Street team shines a spotlight on the world's most beloved noodle dishes, from spaghetti to pad see ew, from ramen to spaetzle. This collection of 125 weeknight-ready dishes offer up world of flavor in a bowl--with recipes perfectly adapted to American home kitchens.

Replete with perfected renditions of the dishes you know and love, and introductions to the dishes you are waiting to discover, Milk Street Noodles will break you out of your pasta routine and give you 125 new reasons to remember why carbs are life.


That Noodle Life cover art

That Noodle Life: Soulful, Savory, Spicy, Slurpy by Mike Le & Stephanie Le [2022]

Oh, noodles! You’re so much fun. You’re so beloved! All your magical shapes, flavours, and textures. But no one obsesses over you quite like Mike Le and Stephanie Le, the husband-and-wife team who are superstars in the food blog world.

Their humbly named iamafoodblog boasts 186,000 followers on Instagram and receives 500,000 page views each month—and in it they profess their undying love for noodles in the most delicious, clever, and visually striking ways.

That Noodle Life is their 75-recipe celebration of the myriad pleasures of noodles. And let’s just say it goes way beyond spaghetti and ramen. Inspired by the noodle- and macaroni-crazed cuisines of Asia, Italy, and the global melting pot, they dish up the high-impact, soulful, slurpable flavour with minimal fuss. Gorgeous full-colour photographs of every dish enhance the lively and sophisticated spreads.


The Pasta Queen cover art

The Pasta Queen: A Just Gorgeous Cookbook: 100+ Recipes and Stories by Nadia Caterina Munno [2022]

TikTok sensation and beloved home cook Nadia Caterina Munno, a.k.a. The Pasta Queen, presents a cookbook of never-before-shared recipes featuring the signature pasta tips and tricks that are 100% authentic to Italian traditions—and just as gorgeous as you are.

In the first-ever cookbook from TikTok star and social media sensation Nadia Caterina Munno—a.k.a. The Pasta Queen—is opening the recipe box from her online trattoria to share the dishes that have made her pasta royalty. In this delectable antipasto platter of over 100 recipes, cooking techniques, and the tales behind Italy’s most famous dishes (some true, some not-so-true), Nadia guides you through the process of creating the perfect pasta, from a bowl of naked noodles to a dish large and complex enough to draw tears from the gods. Whether it’s her viral Pasta Al Limone, a classic Carbonara, or a dish that’s entirely Nadia’s—like her famous Assassin’s Spaghetti—The Pasta Queen’s recipes will enchant even the newest of pasta chefs.

Featuring a colorful tour of Italy through stunning photographs and celebratory tales of the country’s rich culinary heritage, along with stories about Nadia’s own life and family, The Pasta Queen is a cookbook that will warm your heart, soothe your soul, and spice up your life. And best of all? It’s just gorgeous.


An A-Z of Pasta cover art

An A-Z of Pasta: Recipes for Shapes and Sauces, from Alfabeto to Ziti, and Everything in Between: A Cookbook by Rachel Roddy [2023]

This is the story of pasta. Award-winning food writer Rachel Roddy has lived and cooked in Rome for almost two decades. She has spent years browsing bucolic Italian markets, cooking with fresh and seasonal vegetables, discovering cheeses, and perfecting the art of making Italy’s favorite pasta. Now she has condensed everything she’s learned about pasta in a practical, highly entertaining collection of recipes that will ensure authentic Italian meals and take your pasta dishes to the next level. In this cookbook, you will learn the many ways to pair pasta shapes with sauces, how to make certain pastas from scratch and how to best serve them—from Cavatelli with Sausage, Mint, and Tomato to Fregula with Clams; and from Bucatini with Cauliflower, Saffron, and Anchovies to a spaghetti for every night of the week and a Bolognese-style lasagna. Here, too, are short essays that weave together the history, culture, and astonishing variety of pasta shapes from the tip to the toe of Italy. Featuring the familiar favorites—pesto, ragù, and carbonara—and new twists on classics, as well as tricks and techniques for maximum flavor, An A-Z of Pasta is a glorious celebration of pasta and an excellent addition to any kitchen.


Back Pocket Pasta cover art

Back Pocket Pasta: Inspired Dinners to Cook on the Fly by Colu Henry [2017]

Here are more than 75 sophisticated, weeknight-friendly pasta dishes that come together in the same amount of time it takes to boil the water. 

As much a mindset as it is a cookbook, Back Pocket Pasta shows how a well-stocked kitchen and a few seasonal ingredients can be the driving force behind delicious, simply prepared meals. Pantry staples—a handful of items to help you up your dinner game—give you a head start come 6pm, so you can start cooking in your head on the way home from work. For instance, if you know that you have a tin of anchovies, a hunk of parmesan, and panko bread crumbs, you can pick up fresh kale to make Tuscan Kale "Caesar" Pasta. Or if you have capers, red pepper flakes, and a lemon, you can make Linguine with Quick Chili Oil. With genius flavor combinations, a gorgeous photograph for every recipe, and a smart guide to easy-drinking cocktails and wine, Back Pocket Pasta will inspire you to cook better meals faster.   


Gennaro's Pasta Perfecto cover art

Gennaro's Pasta Perfecto!: The Essential Collection of Fresh and Dried Pasta Dishes by Gennaro Contaldo [2019]

Over 100 ideas for sauces, fillings, and bakes.

This new book from celebrated Chef Gennaro Contaldo is all about pasta. An inexpensive staple that can be easily transformed into a luxurious meal, the possibilities of pasta are endless-perfect for busy families and for easy entertaining.

Join Gennaro on an exciting Italian adventure and discover both new and traditional dishes that can often be whipped up in a matter of minutes. Gennaro's Pasta Perfecto is a delicious collection of over 100 recipes, beautifully photographed by David Loftus.

It features dried, fresh, filled, and baked pasta dishes, such as lasagna four ways, minestrone soup, homemade ravioli, and pesto. Packed with tips for picking the best shape for sauces, and featuring recipes from across Italy, this is an essential book for any pasta enthusiast.


Let's Make Ramen! cover art

Let's Make Ramen!: A Comic Book Cookbook by Hugh Amano & Sarah Becan [2019]

Playful and instructive, this hybrid cookbook/graphic novel introduces the history of ramen and provides more than 40 recipes for everything you need to make the perfect bowl at home including tares, broths, noodles, and toppings. Authors Hugh Amano and Sarah Becan present colorful, humorous, and easy-to-follow comics that fully illustrate the necessary steps and ingredients for delicious homemade ramen. Along the way, they share preparation shortcuts that make weeknight ramen a reality; provide meaty tidbits on Japanese culinary traditions; and feature words of wisdom, personal anecdotes, and cultural insights from eminent ramen figures such as chef Ivan Orkin and Ramen Adventures' Brian MacDuckston. Recipes include broths like Shio, Shoyu, Miso, and Tonkotsu, components such as Onsen Eggs, Chashu, and Menma, and offshoots like Mazemen, Tsukemen, and Yakisoba. Ideal for beginners, seasoned cooks, and armchair chefs alike, this comic book cookbook is an accessible, fun, and inviting introduction to one of Japan's most popular and iconic dishes.


Trap Kitchen cover art

Trap Kitchen: Mac N' All Over The World: Bangin' Mac N' Cheese Recipes from Around the World by Malachi Jenkins & Roberto Smith [2022]

Three years after the release of their first cookbook Trap Kitchen: Bangin' Recipes From Compton and a whirlwind of success later, former rival gang members turned famous chefs Malachi "Spank" Jenkins and Roberto "News" Smith are back with a second serving. Trap Kitchen: Mac'N All Over The World will combine the soul of macaroni and cheese from the heart of Compton with the flavors of regions around the world. From a business that started selling plates through their living room window via Instagram ads to now having multiple food trucks and even a brick and mortar store, Mac'N All Over The World continues where the first cookbook left off, inspiring people from all walks of life to follow their passion no matter what the odds are. And following a year like 2020, the message hits that much harder. It's not just Jenkins and Smith whose lives changed since the last cookbook, either; they'll explain how platinum-selling, Grammy nominated rapper Roddy Ricch went from delivering plates for Trap Kitchen just a few years ago to now being one of their most frequent customers. And of course, mac n' cheese is his favorite - much like a lot of Trap Kitchen's celeb clientele. Just like last time, the cookbook will take another deep dive into the journey of Trap Kitchen's growth since they first made their mark in the literary world.


Simple Pasta cover art

Simple Pasta: Pasta Made Easy. Life Made Better. by Odette Williams [2022]

In Simple Pasta, Odette Williams makes homemade pasta easy, fun, and delicious. With just three base doughs, there are endless possibilities for creating memorable, transporting meals with friends and family. Of course, if you prefer (or just need the convenience of) store-bought pasta, that’s always an option too.

Discover new favorite and beloved classics, like:

• Beet and Carrot Agnolotti with Sage-Hazelnut Butter
• Creamy Wild Mushroom Gnocchi
• Cacio e Pepe
• Carbonara
• Beef Short Rib Ragù and Pappardelle
• Zucchini and Basil Casarecce
• Wicked White Bolognese
• Crispy Italian Sausage and Broccolini Orecchiette

Peppered throughout the book are recipes for side dishes, drinks, mains, and desserts, helping anyone recreate the laid-back elegance of la dolce vita at home. Seasonal menus showcase produce at its prime, creating pasta dishes that are singular and memorable. In Simple Pasta, Odette welcomes you to experience the everyday joy of pasta with the people you love.


The Ultimate Pasta and Noodle Cookbook cover art

The Ultimate Pasta and Noodle Cookbook by Serena Cosmo [2017]

Wow guests and savor the fruits of your labor with The Ultimate Pasta and Noodle Cookbook! You will be a master chef of homemade pasta and noodles in no time with this easy-to-follow cookbook. With recipes for Italian food, Asian cuisine, and pasta and noodle dishes from all around the world, you will be preparing exquisite meals for your family and guests to enjoy. This guide to cooking the perfect pasta and noodle As an expert chef or as someone just staring out, The Ultimate Pasta and Noodle Cookbook is a great guide for every level chef! This cookbook will be a gorgeous keystone addition to any cookbook library.


Need something to play in the background while you eat dinner? Grab a spaghetti western while you're here. 


The Great Silence cover art

The Great Silence [1968]

On an unforgiving, snow swept frontier, a group of bloodthirsty bounty hunters prey on a band of persecuted outlaws who have taken to the hills. As the price on each head is collected one-by-one, only a mute gunslinger named Silence stands between the innocent refugees and the greed and corruption that the bounty hunters represent. However, in this harsh, brutal world, the lines between right and wrong aren't always clear and good doesn't always triumph.


Once Upon a Time in the West cover art

Once Upon a Time in the West [1968]

A story of a vicious villain coldly wiping out an entire family and leaving another man to be falsely accused of the slaughter.

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