Challenge Yourself

The year is starting to come to a close, so it’s time for those of us who do New Year's resolutions to think about what we want to do with our lives over the next year. Why not challenge yourself? Heck, why wait until the new year? Learn a new skill and impress yourself (and others); get healthy and improve your family life; and read stories about people who challenged themselves to do amazing things for inspiration.

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Art Before Breakfast
Danny Gregory

Truth be told, any Danny Gregory book is a great resource, but Art Before Breakfast takes away the excuse that you need time to draw, while challenging you to develop a creative habit by committing for 30 days.

Bushcraft 101
Dave Canterbury

Whether you want to go camping in the wilderness or you want to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, this book will show you how.

Yell Less, Love More
Sheila McCraith

The kids didn't get their homework done. No one is ready for school when it's time to leave. Challenge yourself to learn how to not lose your cool and yell, so you can have a more peaceful, happy family.

30-Day Yoga Challenge

Seek out inner peace and outer fitness with this series of DVDs by the popular YouTube fitness instructor, Dashima.

How to Break Up With Your Phone
Catherine Price

Be honest, has your phone taken over your life? Learn how to put it down and take back your life. How to Break Up With Your Phone will show you how you can improve your well-being, strengthen your relationships, and be more productive.

Julie and Julia
Julie Powell

One day, Julie Powell decided to cook every single recipe in Julia Child's magnum opus, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and blogged about it. The rest is history.

The Year of Yes
Shonda Rhimes

When her sister told her that she never said yes to anything, Shonda Rhimes decided to change that and say yes to everything. 

Cheryl Strayed

After losing her mother, her sobriety, and her husband, Cheryl Strayed decided to do something drastic. She decided to walk the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT) by herself, and in doing so changed her life.

The Year of Less
Cait Flanders

Blogger, Cait Flanders, decided to stop shopping for a year, in order to save more money. She only bought things like groceries, toiletries, and gas for her car. Read The Year of Less to find out how it went.

By MelissaJ on October 31, 2021