Change your email or phone number?

To update your contact information with the library:

  1. From the library's catalog, click the My Account drop-down menu and select Log In/Register, located on the blue menu bar in the middle of your screen.


2. Log into your library account, using your library card number and PIN (or, if you've created one, your username and password).

3. Click on the Contact Information and Preferences menu.

email info










4. Update your email address and/or phone number, then click the Submit Change Request button. All address changes must be done in person, at the library.
Please note: To change your email notification for OverDrive and any digital media holds you may have placed, you must log into your OverDrive account and change each email notification for the hold individually.   

change account info














5. If you would like to receive electronic receipts of your checkouts, rather than printed paper receipts, you can select the eReceipt option of Email or Text.  Note: If you select Text, you will receive a text for EACH item you check out.  If you select Email, you will receive one email per transaction.

When you’re done in your account, don’t forget to Log Out! Click the Log Out button located in the left-hand menu, or at the very bottom of the screen, under the My Account heading.

log out screen 1











log out screen 2


Posted by MikiW on July 16, 2012