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¡Mi héroe! Swing, fly, and blast through various supercharged universes with Latino superheroes. The early days of comics and superhero culture were lacking in diversity. While there were some attempts at adding Latino and Hispanic characters in comics, even in minor and supporting roles, the results were lacking until the 1970s, though many of the characters were depicted in stereotypical roles. The first notable Latin-American lead character in American comics was Hector Ayala as White Tiger, and one of the more recently created Latino heroes is Joaquin Torres as the second iteration of Falcon. While not all Latino superheroes have been published through them, Marvel Comics now has a significant lineup of Latino and Hispanic heroes.

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Miles Morales Vol. 4: Ultimatum
Book cover for Spider-Man: Spiderverse Miles Morales

Miles Morales — Spider-Man

A Brooklyn teen in an alternate reality, Miles Morales takes on the mantle of Spider-Man after the death of the original masked hero, Peter Parker.

While Miles hides his superhero identity from his parents, he does confide in his best friend Ganke, and trustworthy members of the Super Hero community. It's not easy balancing his time between fighting crime and his teenage life, but Miles makes it work.

Where the original Spider-Man lived by his Uncle Ben's saying, "With great power comes great responsibility," Miles Morales adds the addendum, "What would Peter Parker do?" 

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Marvel-Verse: America Chavez
America: The Life and Times of America Chavez

America Chavez — Miss America

Believing that she and her powers originated from the Utopian Parallel, America Chavez uses her cross-dimensional, star-shaped portals, flight, and superhuman strength to become a hero in realities that need one. 

After both of her mothers sacrificed themselves to save their Utopian home, America sought to carry on their legacy as a Young Avenger, a member of the Teen Brigade, and a member of the Ultimates.

She is the second incarnation of Miss America and is the first notable, female, Latin-American lesbian lead published by Marvel Comics. 

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Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner Vol. 2
Green Lantern: Kyle Raynor Vol. 1

Kyle Rayner — Green Lantern

After Hal Jordan, the original Green Lantern, goes on a rampage that destroys the Green Lantern Corps and its members, struggling artist Kyle Rayner is given the last power ring and takes on the mantel of the Last Green Lantern. 

The Green Lantern can conjure any form of energy or matter through willpower alone. When the Green Lantern Corps reforms, Kyle becomes a high-ranking member of the Honor Guard and also goes on to join the Justice League. 

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Spider-Man 2099: Exodus
Spider-Man 2099: Volume 5, Civil War II

Miguel O'Hara — Spider-Man 2099

After an experiment goes wrong due to his supervisor's sabotage, talented geneticist Miguel O'Hara gains spider-like abilities, including superhuman strength, agility, reflexes, and fangs that secrete paralyzing venom. 

Despite the circumstances of his abilities, Miguel sees an opportunity to fight against abusive corporations, including his employer, and protect others. He becomes Spider-Man in the year 2099.

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Cover of Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes book one
Blue Beetle Vol. 3: Road to Nowhere

Jaime Reyes — Blue Beetle

A teenager from El Paso, Texas who bonded with an ancient scarab beetle belonging to the original Blue Beetle superhero and his successor, Jaime Reyes uses his inherited alien armor to help defend his hometown from criminals. 

As the third holder of the Blue Beetle mantle, Jaime has worked with the Teen Titans and Justice League but is also known to work as a solo hero. 

DC Comics' first Latino superhero will land in theaters on August 18. 

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By AshleyW on August 14, 2023