Five Free Learning Tools

A photo of a young girl sitting at a computer.

School is out unexpectedly, but that doesn't mean learning stops. The Alachua County Library District has a wealth of free online resources to educate and entertain children. Library cardholders can access these boredom-busting tools anywhere with an internet connection. 

1 - Digital Books

Send your children on adventures in history, fantasy, and real-life with great books. Our digital collection includes audio and books for children and teens - from Goodnight Moon to the Harry Potter Series. You can even download read-along titles with audio narration. 

2 - 

Students in kindergarten through second-year college students can get help with homework, test preparation, and concepts they are learning in class, as well as Advanced Placement test preparation and college entrance exams. Subjects include math, science, English, Spanish, social studies, ACT/SAT, and writing. Tutors are available for both English and Spanish speakers.

Need an activity to re-enforce lessons? Try’s Practice Quizzes to assess knowledge on over 100 areas in math, science and social studies.

Need a study buddy? The Skills Center Resource Library provides 24/7 access to thousands of educationally sound resources. Students can watch instructional videos, download practice worksheets, customize  flashcards for studying and get test-taking tips and much more.

3 - More homework help

Similar to, these eSources also offer practice materials, educational games, varified research resources, and more for elementary, middle, and high school students. 

4 - KidSpeak

Kidspeak, a feature of our language-learning eSource, Transparent, includes lessons in Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Geman, and English. KidSpeak is designed for ages 6 and up and includes over 40 interactive activities, puzzles, and songs for each available language to help children learn the alphabet, numbers, simple sentences, grammar, and pronunciation in a second language.

Library patrons can access KidSpeak by selecting Transparent, navigating to the desired language, and selecting KidSpeak. An animation with a cartoon guide will appear, and your kid can take it from there!

5 - Kids InfoBits

Need to redirect attention? Lookup a favorite animal, sport, or another topic on InfoBits for photos, articles, and more on the subject. Think of it as a structured rabbit hole. 

By Rachel on July 28, 2020