Learn to Finger Knit

A photo of a hand with the palm up and yarn wrapped around fingers.
Knitting is a craft and art form that has been in use for many hundreds of years.  Traditionally, when you knit, you use two knitting needles and yarn to connect loops in a series. You continue in a set pattern until you've created something like a blanket, a net, a sweater (or any number of projects). Over the years, people are getting ever more creative when it comes to this craft - by coming up with new projects, new patterns, and even by creating entirely different ways to knit. Finger knitting is one of these new and innovative techniques. Instead of knitting needles, you use your fingers.

Finger knitting is a craft that can be enjoyed by people of all ages - even if you do not know how to knit in the traditional way. This craft is easy, fun and fast.  And it is great for all ages. Even young children can finger knit - and bonus - it helps build fine motor skills and focus. It's also quite relaxing.

There are many creative projects that can be made using this easy craft.  Today we will be finger knitting a snake. Here is a list of supplies you will need:

Yarn -   2 different colors (at least 10 feet of each if you don’t have a full skein or roll)
            1 short piece (about 4 inches) for the tongue
Glue -   school glue, fabric glue or glue stick
Googly Eyes  - 2  (if you don’t have them you can use yarn, felt or even paper)

Here is a link to some books listed under finger knitting in our collection. You can search “finger knitting” or “knitting” in some of our eSources; Creativebug, Flipster, Florida Electronic Library, Gale in Context Middle School, Kids InfoBits, RBdigital, Safari Tech and Business Books Online and World Book, to find some articles about this craft or projects available to do, all free to you with the use of your valid Alachua County Library Card.

Originally Posted by JoyceN on May 12, 2020

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