National Soup Month


The winter holidays are winding down to an end but the chilly weather will be around for a while yet. That makes January the perfect month to grab a bowl of delicious and warming soup. 

Derived from the Latin word "suppa" and later popularized by the French word "soupe" and the Germanic word "sup", soup has long been a staple dish in cultures around the world. The discovery of a soup bowl from 20,000 BC China dates the liquid dish to at least that time, but it is accepted that soup could be as old as the concept of cooking itself.

While soup can be enjoyed throughout the year, National Soup Month is a time to show appreciation for the incredibly versatile dish and its place in cultures around the world.

Search the library catalog for a variety of cookbooks with soup recipes. Downloadable cookbooks and cooking magazines are also available through Libby.

Soup Cookbooks
Soup Cookbooks

Bowl: Vegetarian Recipes for Ramen, Pho, Bibimbap, Dumplings, and Other One-Dish Meals - Lukas Volger

The Soup & Bread Cookbook: More Than 100 Seasonal Pairings for Simple, Satisfying Meals - Beatrice Ojakangas

Good Housekeeping Soups: 70+ Nourishing Recipes

Cooks Illustrated All Time Best Soups

Soup for Syria: Recipes to Celebrate our Shared Humanity - Barbara Abdeni Massaad

Clean Soups: Simple, Nourishing Recipes for Health and Vitality - Rebecca Katz

Soup for Two: Small-Batch Recipes for One, Two, or a Few - Joanna Pruess

Enjoy chilled soups? Check out these titles for cold soup recipes.
Love Soup

Love Soup: 160 All-New Vegetarian Recipes from the Author of The Vegetarian Epicure - Anna Thomas


A volume of vegetarian soup recipes by the author of the Vegetarian Epicure series places an emphasis on fresh seasonal produce and is complemented by accompanying bread, salad, and dessert options, in a resource that includes such recipes as Black Bean and Squash soup, Smoky Eggplant Soup, and Wild Mushroom Soup.

Veg-table: Recipes, Techniques, and Plant Science for Big-Flavored, Vegetable-Focused Meals - Nik Sharma

Nik Sharma, blogger at A Brown Table, Serious Eats columnist, and bestselling cookbook author, brings us his most cook-able collection of recipes yet in Veg-table. Here is a technique-focused repertoire for weeknight mains for cooks of all skill levels looking to add more delicious and satisfying vegetable dishes to their diet. A wide variety of hot and cold soups, salads, sides, sauces, and rice-, egg-, and bean-based dishes round out this collection. Featuring more than 100 of Sharma's gorgeous and evocative photographs, as well as instructive illustrations, this cookbook perfectly balances beauty, intellect, and delicious, achievable recipes.

Descriptions adapted from the publisher.
By AshleyW on January 16, 2024