Native American Heritage Month

This month celebrates the rich and diverse culture, traditions, and histories of the different tribes of American Indians. Native Americans once covered all parts of the United States, and their cultures and traditions add to the history of America.

In Florida, many towns and cities are named for the tribes who used to live here. Alachua comes from the Timucuan word “chua” and mapmakers eventually began naming the area “Allachua” or “Lachua.” (Source)

So stop by your library branch and pick up a book about the first people to settle in the United States!

Heart Berries

Terese Marie Mailhot

Heart Berries is a powerful, poetic memoir of a woman's coming of age on the Seabird Island Indian Reservation in the Pacific Northwest. Having survived a profoundly dysfunctional upbringing only to find herself hospitalized and facing a dual diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder and bipolar II disorder; Terese Marie Mailhot is given a notebook and begins to write her way out of trauma.

Quilting Designs From Native American Pottery

Joyce Mori

Traditional, contemporary, and art quilters will find these historic and prehistoric designs inspired by Native American pottery widely adaptable. Use these more than 100 designs in many ways: Embroidery designs, painted fabric motifs, paint stick patterns, appliquâe designs, threadwork, and beading patterns.

Shell Shaker

LeAnne Howe

Why was Red Shoes, the most formidable Choctaw warrior of the eighteenth century, assassinated by his own people? Why does his death haunt Auda Billy, an Oklahoma Choctaw woman, accused in 1991 of murdering Choctaw Chief Redford McAlester? Moving between the known details of Red Shoes' life and the riddle of McAlester's death, this novel traces the history of the Billy women whose destiny it is to solve both murders - with the help of a powerful spirit known as the Shell Shaker.

Winter in the Blood

James Welch

A contemporary classic from a major writer of the Native American renaissance - "Brilliant, brutal and, in my opinion, Welch's best work." -Tommy Orange, The Washington Post During his life, James Welch came to be regarded as a master of American prose, and his first novel, Winter in the Blood , is one of his most enduring works. The narrator of this beautiful, often disquieting novel is a young Native American man living on the Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana. Sensitive and self-destructive, he searches for something that will bind him to the lands of his ancestors but is haunted by personal tragedy, the dissolution of his once proud heritage, and Montana's vast emptiness.

Redbone: The True Story of a Native American Rock Band

Christian Staebler

Experience the riveting, powerful story of the Native American civil rights movement and the resulting struggle for identity told through the high-flying career of west coast rock n' roll pioneers, Redbone. You've heard the hit song "Come and Get Your Love" in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, but the story of the band behind it is one of cultural, political, and social importance. 

Dream Drawings

N. Scott Momaday

From Pulitzer Prize winner and revered literary master N. Scott Momaday, a beautiful and enchanting new poetry collection, at once a celebration of language, imagination, and the human spirit.

Rez Life

David Treuer

Novelist David Treuer examines Native American reservation life--past and present--illuminating misunderstood contemporary issues of sovereignty, treaty rights, and natural-resource conservation while also exploring crime and poverty, casinos and wealth, and the preservation of native language and culture.

Moccasin Thunder

Presentation of ten short stories about contemporary Native American teens by members of tribes of the United States and Canada, including Joy Harjo, Louise Erdrich and Joseph Bruchac.

Mascot Nation: The Controversy Over Native American Representations in Sports

Andrew C. Billings

The issue of Native American mascots in sports raises passions but also a raft of often-unasked questions. Which voices get a hearing in an argument? What meanings do we ascribe to mascots? Who do these Indians and warriors really represent? Andrew C. Billings and Jason Edward Black go beyond the media bluster to reassess the mascot controversy. The result is a book that merges critical-cultural analysis with qualitative data to offer an innovative approach to understanding the camps and fault lines on each side of the issue, the stakes in mascot debates, whether common ground can exist and, if so, how we might find it.

Native American Healing & Spirituality Collection

Mill Creek Entertainment

A collection of short films focused on Native American peoples. Content includes Native American healing in the 21st century -- Don't get sick after June -- Romance of a vanishing race -- Bonus: Walela live in concert.

A Native American Odyssey Inuit to Inca

Putumayo World Music

This sound recording content includes Akua tuta (Kashtin : Montagnair, Canada) -- Qiugaviit (Tudjaat : Inuit, Canada) -- Wind river (Andrew Vasquez : Apache, USA) -- Ghost dance (Bill Miller : Mohican, USA) -- Native funk (Burning Sky : White River Ute/Dine, USA) -- Nendaa-go back (Jerry Alfred & the Medicine Beat : Tutchone, Canada) -- La tortuga (Jaramar : Huave, Mexico) -- Ni'bixi dxi zina (Binni Gula'za : Zapotec, Mexico) -- Araruna (Marlui Miranda : Amazon, Brazil) -- Vale do javari (Regional Vernelho e Branco : Amazon, Brazil) -- Tema de maimara (los Incas : Andean, Peru) -- Chayantenita (Bolivia Manta : Andean, Bolivia) -- Ollantay (Expresión : Andean, Peru).

The Cambridge Companion to Native American Literature

This Companion provides an informative and wide-ranging overview of a relatively new field of literary-cultural studies: literature of many genres in English by American Indians from the 1770s to the present day. In addition to the seventeen chapters written by respected experts--Native and non-Native; American, British, and European scholars--it includes bio-bibliographies of forty authors, maps, suggestions for further reading, and a timeline that details major works of Native American and mainstream American literature, as well as significant social, cultural and historical events.

The Red Canoe

Wayne Johnson

Buck, government name Michael Fineday, Ojibwe name Miskwa' doden (Red Deer) is on the brink of suicide. He has just been served divorce papers by his wife Naomi, who is fed up with his savior complex and the danger it often attracts to their door. Living on the border of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community reservation, Buck makes a living as a boatbuilder and carpenter. He spends his days alone, trying to win the trust of a feral cat ... until a semi-feral girl shows up, fascinated by the canoe Buck is building.

Native American landmarks and Festivals: A Traveler's Guide to Indigenous United States and Canada

Yvonne Wakim Dennis

A state-by-state (and Canada too!) tour of monuments, events, sites, and festivals of Indigenous American history. From ancient rock drawings, historic sites, and modern museums to eco- and cultural tourism, sports events, and powwows, the Native American Landmarks and Festivals: A Traveler’s Guide to Indigenous United States and Canada provides a fascinating tour of the rich heritage of Indigenous people across the continent.

Night of the Living Rez

Morgan Talty

Set in a Native community in Maine, Night of the Living Rez is a riveting debut collection about what it means to be Penobscot in the twenty-first century and what it means to live, survive, and persevere after tragedy.

Arts & Crafts of the Native American Tribe

Michael Johnson

Details how Native American culture evolved, the artifacts produced on the continent and the ways they were made, and the techniques of decoration and embellishment that utilized a variety of disparate natural commodities that depended on geographical necessity and abundance.

Come to Me Great Mystery : Native American healing songs

Silver Wave Records

This sound recording includes Come to me great mystery / Thirza Defoe (7:18) -- Hear my prayer / Doug Foote (5:55) -- Hue hue / Lorain Fox (5:46) -- vBeauty way / Allen Mose (6:57) -- Calling to the people / Thirza Defoe (6:49) -- I am the beginning and the end / Dorothy Tsatoke (6:49) -- A prayer from above / Doug Foote (6:54) -- Kaio kaio / Lorain Fox (3:54).

The Turquoise Ledge

Leslie Marmon Silko

Of mixed Laguna Pueblo, Cherokee, Mexican, and white heritage, Silko brings a unique perspective to her powerful works. In this deeply personal and spiritual book, she combines memoirs, traditional storytelling, and ruminations on the natural world.

Descriptions adapted from the publisher
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