Old Favorites: Reimagined

Old Favorites Reimagined

Raina Telgemeier, one of the most popular graphic novelists for young people writing today, and author of graphic memoirs  and novels detailing universal childhood experiences, first made her breakthrough on the national scene by adapting Ann M. Martin's The Baby Sitters Club series as graphic novels.

Per the FAQ  on her website, one reader asks:  How'd you get a job drawing Baby-Sitters Club comics for Scholastic? Was it your idea?  Raina responds:

Kind of! I met the editors at Scholastic when they were starting up the Graphix imprint in 2003, and they were looking for new artists to do projects with. I brought a few original ideas to them (I had been self publishing mini-comics for a few years), but nothing that was really "ready to go." So they asked what I read when I was young, and when I said I'd been a BSC fan, their eyes lit up and they said, "That might make a good graphic novel! Want to do some sketches?" And that was that.

The Baby-Sitters Club, which was a book series that first began in 1986 and grew to be one of the best-selling book series of all time, ceased publishing in 2000 due to diminishing sales.  When Telgemeier's graphic adaptations hit the market in 2006 they were met with success and paved the way for more and more of the series to be adapted and released as graphic novels.  The presence of these books, in bookstores and libraries across the country, introduced an entire new generation to The Baby-Sitters Club, which has led to a reissuing of the original series (with modernized cover art), and even a highly-rated television series on Netflix.

What happened in these events is a publishing tale that is becoming a trend. Books that parents (and even grand-parents) loved as children are being re-released as graphic novels and finding a whole new audience with today's children. This success both helps adults to revisit their youth and allows for intergenerational bonding over the characters and plotlines. The successful reimagining of older classics shows that many stories do have life beyond their own time and original format.

We've provided an array of graphic adaptations of classic franchises below.  You can check out the copies we have in stock, and then use our interlibrary loan service to request any of the originals including ones that have fallen out of print.



The World of Stoneybrook

regular and graphic novel cover for Kristy's Great Idea

It's the classic series of a group of middle school friends who start a baby-sitting business. Kristy, Claudia, and all the rest meet three times a week to schedule baby-sitting jobs with a steady rotation of clients. Between these interactions they experience storylines of young love, school stress, health issues, family conflict, personal growth....and lots and lots of baby-sitting.

Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novels

The Baby-Sitters Club:

  1. Kristy's Great Idea. Follows the adventures of Kristy and the other members of the Baby-sitters Club as they deal with crank calls, uncontrollable two-year-olds, wild pets, and parents who do not always tell the truth.
  2. The Truth About Stacey. Stacey, a member of the Baby-sitters Club, learns to cope with her diabetes and her overprotective parents. A graphic novel based on the 1988 book by the same name.
  3. Mary Anne Saves The Day. When a fight breaks out among the members of the Baby-sitters Club, timid Mary Anne finds herself becoming more assertive as a babysitter and in her relationships with her father and friends.
  4. Claudia and Mean Janine. Claudia and her sister, Janine, may as well be from two different planets. Claudia, who pays more attention to her artwork and The Baby-sitters Club than her homework, feels like she can't compete with her perfect sister. Janine studies nonstop, gets straight As, and even takes college-level courses! But when something unexpected happens to the most beloved person in their family, will the sisters be able to put aside their differences?
  5. Dawn and the Impossible Three. Dawn, the newest member of the Baby-sitters Club, gets more than she bargained for when her first job turns into a disaster and she has problems with Kristy.
  6. Kristy's Big Day. Kristy's mom is getting married, and Kristy is going to be a bridesmaid! The only problem? Fourteen kids are coming to town for the wedding.
  7. Boy Crazy Stacey. Accompanying the Pike family during a two-week vacation to the Jersey Shore, baby-sitter Stacey falls head over heels for a handsome lifeguard despite Mary Anne's warning that he is too old for her.
  8. Logan Likes Mary Anne! It's the first day of a new school year, and while Mary Anne doesn't know what to expect from the eighth grade, she's looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. One thing she definitely doesn't expect is to meet Logan Bruno, who just moved to Stoneybrook! Logan has a dreamy southern accent, he's awfully cute... and he might be interested in joining the BSC. But the baby-sitters aren't sure if Logan would make a good club member, so they send him on a job with Mary Anne as a test. Logan and Mary Anne hit it off, but Mary Anne isn't sure of where their friendship could go. Life in the Baby-sitters Club has never been this complicated -- or this fun!
  9. Claudia and the New Girl. At the urging of a very artistic new girl who encourages Claudia to practice art instead of caring for kids, Claudia considers leaving the club and the other members give her an ultimatum.
  10. Kristy and the Snobs. Kristy's family moves to a new neighborhood where the kids make fun of Louie, Kristy's pet collie, who's going blind. The Baby-sitters are not going to let them get away with it.
  11. Good-bye Stacey, Good-Bye. Stacey McGill is moving back to New York, and her friends must face the sadness of saying good-bye, hunt down the perfect farewell gift, and take on the difficult task of filling Stacey's place in the Baby-sitters Club.
  12. Jessi's Secret Language. Jessi recently moved to Stoneybrook and is one of the newest members of The Baby-sitters Club. She's getting ready to start regularly sitting for the BSC's newest charge, Matt Braddock. Matt has been Deaf since birth and uses sign language to communicate, so Jessi has to use it, too. It's a secret language! Soon all the neighborhood kids want to learn how to sign, which keeps the BSC busy. Jessi's the busiest of all -- she's preparing for her dance school's big show, plus working on another secret, just for Matt. Will Jessi be able to keep the secret and pull off her special event?
  13. Mary Anne's Bad Luck Mystery. Mary Anne should never have thrown away that chain letter she got in the mail. Ever since she did, bad things have been happening to everyone in the Baby-sitters Club. With Halloween coming up, Mary Anne's even more worried -- what kind of spooky thing will happen next? Then Mary Anne finds a new note in her mailbox: Wear this bad-luck charm, it says. OR ELSE. Mary Anne has to follow the note's instructions. But who sent the charm? And why did they send it to Mary Anne? The BSC might never see an end to their bad luck if they don't solve this mystery soon!
  14. Stacey's Mistake. When her friends from the Baby-sitters Club come for a visit in NYC, Stacey realizes they feel out of place in the big city and must find a way to keep the weekend from becoming a complete disaster.
  15. Claudia and the Bad Joke. While baby-sitting for practical joker Betsy Sobak, Claudia breaks her leg as a result of one of Betsy's pranks and wants to quit the club, prompting Kristy and the other baby-sitters to teach Betsy a lesson.


The Baby-Sitters Club spinoff series, Baby-Sitters Little Sister, is also enjoying a renaissance in the format of graphic novel adaptation.  To look into the adventures of Kristy's little sister, Karen Brewer, check out this series.

the original series re-issued

At this time, only titles #1-26 are available in physical copy. The remaining titles are all available as digital copies.

The Original Series:

  1. Kristy's Great Idea. Follows the adventures of Kristy and the other members of the Baby-sitters Club as they deal with crank calls, uncontrollable two-year-olds, wild pets, and parents who do not always tell the truth.
  2. Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls. Claudia decides to investigate when she and the other members of the Baby-sitters Club receive mysterious phone calls while out on assignments.
  3. The Truth About Stacey. Stacey, a member of the Baby-sitters Club, learns to cope with her diabetes and her overprotective parents.
  4. Mary Anne Saves the Day. Mary Anne has never been a leader of the BSC. So when a fight breaks out among the club's four members, Mary Anne feels a little lost, unable to depend on Kristy, Stacey, or Claudia anymore. Sitting by herself in the cafeteria is bad enough; when Mary Anne has to baby-sit a sick child without any help from the club, she knows someone has to take action. It's time for Mary Anne to step in and save the day!
  5. Dawn and the Impossible Three. As a new member of the Baby-sitters Club, Dawn tries to win the acceptance of the club's president by tackling a tough babysitting job.
  6. Kristy's Big Day. Kristy's mom is getting married, and Kristy's a bridesmaid. The only trouble is, fourteen little kids are coming to the wedding, and they all need baby-sitters. Stacey, Claudia, Mary Anne, Dawn, and Kristy think they can handle fourteen kids. But that's before they spend five days changing diapers, stopping fights, solving mix-ups, righting wrongs ... and getting sick and tired of baby-sitting. One thing's for sure: this is a hectic way to have a wedding. But it's a great way to have a lot of fun!
  7. Claudia and Mean Janine. Claudia's sister, Janine, is too busy being smart to be nice to anyone--even their grandmother, Mimi. But Claudia doesn't have to see Janine too much this summer, since the Baby-sitter's Club is starting a new play group. It's going to be so much fun! But then Mimi has a stroke, and the whole summer changes. Now Claudia is 'Mimi-sitting, ' and Janine is no help at all. How can the Kishi sisters get along when Janine is always so mean?
  8. Boy-Crazy Stacey. Working as a mother's helper, with Stacey, for the Pike family at the Jersey shore, Mary Anne is upset when Stacey begins to neglect her job to spend her time pursuing a gorgeous lifeguard.
  9. The Ghost At Dawn's House. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Dawn has always thought there was a secret passage hidden in her house. But that doesn't explain why creepy things happen when Dawn's at home, or the spooky noises coming from behind her bedroom wall. Dawn is sure there's a ghost in her house! And so are the other Baby-sitters Club members. But they're so busy with their jobs that they don't have time for a ghost hunt. Will Dawn and her friends solve the mystery . . . or will Dawn have to share her house with a ghost?
  10. Logan Likes Mary Anne! It used to be that Mary Anne's dad was really strict, but not anymore. Mary Anne's been growing up...but that's not the only big news for the Baby-sitters Club. There's a new boy in school named Logan Bruno, and he likes Mary Anne! He has a dreamy Southern accent, he's awfully cute--and he wants to join the Baby-sitters Club. The Baby-sitters aren't sure Logan will make a good club member. And Mary Anne thinks she's too shy for Logan. Life in the Baby-sitters Club has never been this complicated--or this fun!
  11. Kristy and the Snobs. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! After Kristy's mom got married, her family moved to Watson's house in a new neighborhood. But the kids there aren't very friendly—in fact, they're total snobs! They criticize Kristy's clothes, make fun of the Baby-sitters Club. . . and worst of all, they laugh at Louie, Kristy's pet collie, who's going blind. Nobody does that and gets away with it! Kristy's fighting mad, and she's not going to put up with a Snob Attack any longer—and neither is the BSC!
  12. Claudia and the New Girl. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Claudia has always been the most outrageous girl in her class . . . until Ashley Wyeth comes along. Ashley's really different-she dresses in hippie clothes, wears six earrings and work boots, and is the most fantastic artist Claudia has ever met. Ashley says Claudia has artistic talent, too, but thinks Claudia should spend more time on her "calling" and stop wasting time on the Baby-sitters Club. The Baby-sitters are sick of Ashley Wyeth, and they feel like Claudia is a traitor. Claudia has to decide: either the BSC or the new girl-one of them's got to go!
  13. Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye. How do you say good-bye to your very best friend? The baby-sitters learn when Stacey moves back to New York.
  14. Hello, Mallory. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Mallory Pike has always wanted to be a member of the Baby-sitters Club-they're so much fun to be around, and she's practically a baby-sitter already. Now the club members have invited Mallory to a meeting. This might be her big chance! But the BSC isn't making it easy-they make Mal feel like a baby on a job, and make her take an impossible written test. Mallory's beginning to think she doesn't want to be a part of the BSC . . . or maybe she and her new friend Jessi should start a club of their own. It's time to show those Baby-sitters what a couple of new girls can do!
  15. Little Miss Stoneybrook...and Dawn. Dawn's a little jealous when there's a formal ceremony to welcome Jessi and Mallory into the Baby-sitters Club. Don't people know that Dawn's a special baby-sitter too? Then it's Dawn's turn to shine. Mrs. Pike wants Dawn to help prepare Margo and Claire for the Little Miss Stoneybrook contest. So what if Margo's only talent is peeling a banana with her feet? Dawn's going to help her charges win that contest any way she can. The only trouble is...Kristy, Mary Anne, and Claudia are helping Karen, Myriah, and Charlotte enter the contest, too. And nobody's sure where the competition is fiercer: at the pageant -- or at the Baby-sitters Club!
  16. Jessi's Secret Language. Feeling isolated as the only African American in her sixth grade class, Jessi gains a sense of belonging by participating in the Baby-sitters Club, learning sign language in order to communicate with a deaf child, and dancing in a ballet.
  17. Mary Anne's Bad Luck Mystery. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Mary Anne should never have thrown away that chain letter she got in the mail. Ever since she did, bad things have been happening-to everyone in the Baby-sitters Club. With Halloween coming up, Mary Anne's even more worried-what kind of spooky thing will happen next? Then Mary Anne finds a new note in her mailbox: Wear this bad-luck charm, it says. OR ELSE. Mary Anne has to do what the note says. But who sent the charm? And why send it to Mary Anne? If the BSC doesn't solve this mystery soon, their bad luck might never stop!
  18. Stacey's Mistake. Stacey's invited her friends from the Baby-sitters Club down to New York City for a long weekend. But what a mistake! The Baby-sitters are way out of place in the big city. Mary Anne sounds like a walking guide book; Dawn's afraid of everything; Kristy can't keep her mouth shut; and Claudia's jealous of Stacey's friends. Does this mean Stacey can't be the Baby-sitters' friend anymore? Will the Baby-sitters Club fall apart?
  19. Claudia and the Bad Joke. Claudia's not worried when she hears her newest baby-sitting charge, Betsy Sobak, is a great practical joker. After all, how much harm can one little girl do? Plenty. Claudia breaks her leg as a result of one of Betsy's mean jokes... and now she's talking about quitting the club. Baby-sitting, she says, is just too dangerous. Kristy thinks Betsy needs to be taught a lesson. She also thinks the Baby-sitters are just the ones to do it. Watch out, Betsy Sobak! The joke war is on!
  20. Kristy and the Walking Disaster. When she sees how much her little brother and young stepbrother and stepsister want to play softball, thirteen-year-old Kristy starts her own team, which makes up in spirit what it lacks in skill.
  21. Mallory and the Trouble With Twins. Eleven-year-old Mallory finds a real challenge in babysitting for the troublesome Arnold twins.
  22. Jessi Ramsey, Pet-Sitter. Eleven-year-old Jessi copes with pet sitting for the Mancusi family and serious dissension among the members of the Baby-sitters Club.
  23. Dawn on the Coast. Dawn enjoys her visit to California so much that she considers staying there with her father, as her brother, Jeff, has done.
  24. Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise. Kristy and the Baby-sitters Club plan a huge outing as a Mother's Day surprise for their clients, while Kristy's mother and stepfather have a surprise of their own in store for their family.
  25. Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger. The members of the Baby-sitters Club come to the rescue to help Mary Anne search for her beloved kitten, Tigger, who has suddenly vanished.
  26. Claudia and the Sad Goodbye. Claudia has a sad goodbye to make. Her grandmother, Mimi, has just died. Claudia understands that Mimi was sick for a long time, but she's still mad at her grandmother for leaving her. Who will help Claudia with her homework . . . and share "special tea" with her? To keep from thinking about Mimi, Claudia spends all her free time painting and baby-sitting. She's even teaching an art class for some of the kids in the neighborhood. Claudia knows she has to let go of Mimi sometime. But how do you say goodbye to a special friend . . . forever?
  27. Jessi and the Superbrat. Stoneybrook has gone star-crazy! Derek Masters, an eight-year-old regular on a hit TV sitcom, has moved to town. Everyone's wondering what a real-live TV star will be like-will he srive to school in a limo? Jessi can't believe it, but even stars need baby-sitters, and she's the lucky club member to watch Derek Masters. Even though a lot of kids at school call Derek a spoiled brat, Jessi likes him immediately. He rides bikes and eats junk food like a normal kid, but he has exciting stories about Hollywood, too! Pretty soon baby-sitting and ballet are starting to look kind of boring next to TV scripts and cameras. Maybe Jessi would like to be a star, too!
  28. Welcome Back, Stacey! Stacey's parents are getting a divorce. Stacey is sad and angry, and she has a big decision to make-stay in New York with her father, or move back to Stoneybrook with her mother.
  29. Mallory and the Mystery Diary. A long-hidden message helps Mallory and the Baby-sitters Club solve an old mystery about Stacey's house, which they believe to be haunted.
  30. Mary Anne and the Great Romance. At long last, Dawn's mother and Mary Anne's father have decided to get married!
  31. Dawn's Wicked Stepsister. Dawn and Mary Anne are finally stepsisters and also roommates. When they begin to get on each other's nerves, Dawn comes up with a solution which pleases everyone.
  32. Kristy and the Secret of Susan. Kristy believes that the autistic child she sits for is normal enough to attend Special Ed classes at school. After a while though she realizes that Susan would be better off with children like herself.
  33. Claudia and the Great Search. Claudia, who has always been very different from her sister, comes to the conclusion that she must be adopted.
  34. Mary Anne and Too Many Boys. Mary Anne and Stacey are in Sea City working as mother's helpers for the Pike family. When each of the girls meets up with her boyfriend from last summer, things start to get complicated.
  35. Stacey and the Mystery of Stoneybrook. To a New York City girl like Stacey, the fact that an old-supposedly haunted-house in Stoneybrook is being torn down is no big deal. But then her friend Kristy discovers the house was built on a graveyard, and when Stacey sees a horrible face in one of the windows, she wonders if the house really could be haunted!
  36. Jessi's Baby-Sitter. When Jessi's mom goes back to work, Aunt Cecilia moves in with the Ramseys to help out. Jessi is mortified that she has a baby-sitter and can't stand her aunt's bossy ways.
  37. Dawn and the Older Boy. Dawn has met Travis, an older boy, and she knows he's the perfect boy for her. But the Baby-Sitters think that smooth talking Travis is no good and plan to tell Dawn just that.
  38. Kristy's Mystery Admirer. One of a series of stories that revolve around the babysitters club. Of all the babysitters, Kristy's the last one anyone would expect to have a secret admirer. But someone is sending her mushy notes with hearts all over them.
  39. Poor Mallory! The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! There's some bad news in the Pike family: Mallory's dad has just lost his job. And since money is going to be tight until Mr. Pike finds a new job, all eight of the Pike kids decide to help out. Nicky gets a paper route, Vanessa tries selling her poetry, and Mallory takes a baby-sitting job in Kristy's ritzy neighborhood. But being around the Delaneys only makes Mallory feel poor. They have a cat that cost $400 and tennis courts in their backyard! Poor Mallory-she needs the Baby-sitters now more than ever!
  40. Claudia and the Middle School Mystery. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! For once, Claudia's studied really hard for her math test. And when she gets her paper back, it has an A- on it. All right! But then Claudia's math teacher calls her to his desk and accuses her of copying off of Shawna Riverson's test. Claudia can't believe it, and neither can the Baby-sitters. Claudia would never cheat! And they're not going to rest until they help clear Claudia's name!
  41. Mary Anne vs. Logan. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Lately, Mary Anne's been feeling like she and Logan are spending too much time together. They fight over silly things. And Mary Anne never gets to do what she wants to do-like read, and baby-sit, and be with her friends .But when Mary Anne suggests that she and Logan see less of each other, Logan takes it all the wrong way. Could this really be the end for Mary Anne and Logan?
  42. Jessi and the Dance School Phantom. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Naturally, Jessi is thrilled when she earns the lead role her in dance school's latest ballet. But someone in class wants her out of the show. First Jessi's toe shoes are stolen. Then she gets all kinds of threatening messages! What kind of ballerina would want to scare Jessi? The Baby-sitters don't know, but they're not going to let anyone get away with it for long.
  43. Stacey's Emergency. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Lately, the pressure's really been on Stacey. She hasn't been feeling well, her schoolwork and baby-sitting jobs are almost out of control, and she's sick of being in the middle of her parents' fights. Then it happens: Stacey ends up in the hospital because of her diabetes. The Baby-sitters are worried. So is Stacey. Why are things always so hard?
  44. Dawn and the Big Sleepover. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! A bunch of kids at Stoneybrook Elementary have pen pals at a school in New Mexico. The Baby-sitters love hearing the letters that Charlotte, Becca, and the Pike kids get from their new friends. Then the bad news reaches Stoneybrook: their pen pals' school has been destroyed by a fire. Dawn is so upset that she organizes a fund-raiser for them, and as a reward to all the kids who help out, she's going to throw an enormous sleepover!A hundred kids, thirty pizzas-will Dawn survive her biggest baby-sitting job ever?
  45. Kristy and the Baby Parade. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! A bunch of kids at Stoneybrook Elementary have pen pals at a school in New Mexico. The Baby-sitters love hearing the letters that Charlotte, Becca, and the Pike kids get from their new friends. Then the bad news reaches Stoneybrook: their pen pals' school has been destroyed by a fire. Dawn is so upset that she organizes a fund-raiser for them, and as a reward to all the kids who help out, she's going to throw an enormous sleepover! A hundred kids, thirty pizzas-will Dawn survive her biggest baby-sitting job ever?
  46. Mary Anne Misses Logan. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! It was good for Mary Anne and Logan to break up for a while. Mary Anne had some time to herself, and she's been having lots of fun with her friends. But now Mary Anne can't help it. She misses Logan. When she and Logan are both assigned to study their favorite author, Mary Anne thinks it will be the perfect, most romantic way for them to get back together. Until Cokie Mason, Mary Anne's mortal enemy, decides to steal Logan from her!
  47. Mallory on Strike. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Mallory couldn't imagine not being in a big family like hers. There's always someone to do things with, and she likes to help take care of her younger brothers and sisters. But now Mallory's working on an important writing project, and she needs peace and quiet. So why won't everyone leave her alone? Nicky needs help tying his shoes, Claire wants a sandwich, someone has to break up the triplets' fight, and Mallory feels like a full-time baby-sitter. And there's only one thing to do: This baby-sitter is going on strike!
  48. Jessi's Wish. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! When Jessi volunteers to help supervise the Kids Can Do Anything Club, she meets nine-year-old Danielle. Danielle has a beautiful smile and a great sense of humor. And she has cancer. Jessi has never met anyone like Danielle before. Even though she's very sick, Danielle is courageous and hopeful. She even has two wishes. The first is to go to Disney World. The second is to graduate from elementary school. Jessi knows she has to be strong for Danielle, and so she makes a very special wish of her own.
  49. Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Little Rosie Wilder is perfect at everything. She can sing and dance, she plays several musical instruments, and her I.Q. is so high it's off the scale. So how did Claudia "C-" Kishi get stuck baby-sitting for Rosie the genius? It's because Rosie is so obnoxious that no one gets along with her-not even Claudia's sister, who's a genius, too. The Baby-sitters think that Rosie needs to be taught a good lesson. But maybe what Rosie really needs is a good friend . . . like Claudia.
  50. Dawn's Big Date. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Dawn and Mary Anne are so excited! Logan's cousin Lewis is finally coming to town, and Mary Anne is busy planning the perfect double date. But now Dawn is starting to get worried. She's written letters to Lewis, but she's never had a boyfriend before. What if Lewis doesn't like her? That's when Dawn decides she needs a new image. New clothes, new hairstyle, and maybe just a little more makeup (or a lot). Maybe she should learn how to flirt a little. But will Lewis and the rest of the Baby-sitters like the new Dawn?
  51. Stacey's Ex-Best Friend. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Dawn and Mary Anne are so excited! Logan's cousin Lewis is finally coming to town, and Mary Anne is busy planning the perfect double date. But now Dawn is starting to get worried. She's written letters to Lewis, but she's never had a boyfriend before. What if Lewis doesn't like her? That's when Dawn decides she needs a new image. New clothes, new hairstyle, and maybe just a little more makeup (or a lot). Maybe she should learn how to flirt a little. But will Lewis and the rest of the Baby-sitters like the new Dawn?
  52. Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Mary Anne can't stop thinking about babies. First she starts baby-sitting for a pair of adorable baby twins. Then she and Dawn decide it would be great to have a baby brother or sister of their own. But Mary Anne learns that taking care of a baby is a big responsibility when she and Logan have to pretend to be parents to an egg "baby" for a class at school. "Sammie," their egg, has to be watched every second, and Mary Anne and Logan barely have time to breathe. Taking care of a baby isn't all it's cracked up to be!
  53. Kristy for President. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Kristy's not too happy with some things at Stoneybrook Middle School. The hot lunches, for example, look like dog food, and Mary Poppins is such a babyish choice for their annual play. What the eighth grade really needs is a new class president. Someone who's organized and has great ideas-someone like Kristy! But can Kristy coach a softball team, keep up her grades, baby-sit, run the BSC, and be president? 
  54. Mallory and the Dream Horse. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Mallory loves horses. She loves reading about them. She loves writing about them. And most of all, she loves daydreaming about them. So when Mallory's parents agree to let her take riding lessons, it's a dream come true! Mallory is so excited that she can hardly concentrate at the BSC meetings anymore. But then the lessons begin, and Mallory discovers that dreaming about horses can be a lot more fun than actually riding them.
  55. Jessi's Gold Medal. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Jessi is honored-and surprised-when she's asked to participate in a synchronized swimming competition. Sure, Jessi knows ballet. But water ballet is a different story. All that swimming is hard work! Jessi and her partner practice their routines over and over again. Everyone-especially the Baby-sitters-is expecting them to win the gold. But Jessi's not so sure she can do it . . .
  56. Keep Out, Claudia! The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! The Baby-sitters love getting new clients. So when the Lowells contact the club, everyone is thrilled. For Mary Anne, sitting for the Lowells is a snap, and the kids are adorable and obedient. But when Claudia meets the family, Mrs. Lowell will barely look her in the eye, and the kids are downright rude! The next time Mrs. Lowell calls the BSC, she requests another sitter-anyone but Claudia. Claudia has no idea what she did wrong, but the BSC won't rest until they find out!
  57. Dawn Saves the Planet. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Dawn thinks studying ecology is so cool. For a science project, she and Stacey are even teaching an ecology class for some of their baby-sitting charges. It's fun to get kids excited about cleaning up the Earth. But Dawn isn't through yet. She wants to start a recycling center at SMS. The BSC is all for it, but Dawn needs a lot of help. And lately she's been so busy lecturing people about being environmentally responsible that no one can stand being around her. Poor Dawn. She's trying to do a good thing-but she's driving everyone crazy!
  58. Stacey's Choice. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! Since Stacey's parents got divorced, it hasn't been easy. Stacey hates being put between them, and she misses her dad sometimes even though she gets to see him often. And now both of her parents are depending on Stacey. They each need her badly. And she can't be in Stoneybrook and in New York at the same time. How will Stacey choose between her mom and her dad . . . again?
  59. Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym). Being a "total spaz" in gym is bad enough, but now Mallory's worst nightmare has come true. Gym class has gone co-ed! Pre-teen girls are sure to relate to this latest book in the phenomenally popular Baby-sitters Club series.
  60. Mary Anne's Makeover. The rest of the Baby-sitters are shocked when Mary Anne, tired of being a plain Jane, gets a chic new haircut and a new wardrobe, and their reaction enrages the excited Mary Anne.
  61. Jessi and the Awful Secret. Jessi discovers that one of the girls in her dance class is anorexic, and she and her friends soon learn about the seriousness of the illness.
  62. Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever. The Papadakis family takes in a foster child, a troubled young girl named Lou, and Kristy soon discovers that Lou's difficult behavior makes her a real challenge to baby-sit.
  63. Claudia's Freind Friend. Claudia is convinced that no one understands how difficult it is for her to do well in school, that is, until she meets Shea Rodowsky, a young boy with a learning problem.
  64. Dawn's Family Feud. When Dawn's brother Jeff comes from California for a visit, a nice, peaceful family reunion erupts into a feud between the Schafers and the Spiers.
  65. Stacey's Big Crush. Stacey develops a crush on her 22-year-old substitute math teacher.
  66. Maid Mary Anne. Mary Anne agrees to help an elderly woman named Mrs. Towne with her housework in exchange for quilting and sewing lessons. However, Mrs. Towne soon begins to take advantage of Mary Anne's generosity.
  67. Dawn's Big Move. Dawn decides that seeing her father and brother only on holidays isn't enough, and decides to move back to California for six months.
  68. Jessi and the Bad Baby-sitter. Jessi asks a new girl to join The Baby-Sitters Club, which turns out to be a mistake.
  69. Get Well Soon Mallory. Mallory comes down with mono and her parents make her quit the Baby-Sitters Club.
  70. Stacey and the Cheerleaders. Stacey tries out for the cheerleading squad, but when she falls in love with a basketball player, she begins to think her friends are immature.
  71. Claudia and the Perfect Boy. Claudia starts a personals column in the school newspaper when she becomes desperate for a boyfriend.
  72. Dawn and the We Love Kids Club. In California, the We Love Kids Club experiences fame and tries to handle it.
  73. Mary Anne and Miss Priss. Jenny Prezzioso is driving Mary Anne crazy with her fussiness, and The Baby-Sitters Club tries to find out why she is behaving this way.
  74. Kristy and the Copycat. Kristy's stepsister Karen continually copies her.
  75. Jessi's Horrible Prank. Jessi plays a mean trick on her substitute teacher.
  76. Stacey's Lie. Stacey lies to her father to be with her boyfriend Robert during her vacation.
  77. Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever. Dawn makes a new friend when she babysits Whitney, who is a 12-year-old girl with Down syndrome. However, Whitney doesn't know that Dawn is babysitting her. What will happen if she finds out?
  78. Claudia and Crazy Peaches. Claudia has trouble with her pregnant aunt.
  79. Mary Anne Breaks the Rules. Mary Anne has Logan over during a sitting job and gets caught.
  80. Mallory Pike, No. 1 Fan. Mallory discovers that her favorite author lives in Stoneybrook.
  81. Kristy and Mr. Mom. Kristy's stepfather has a heart attack and becomes a stay-at-home dad.
  82. Jessi and the Troublemaker. Danielle might be sick, but it is not obvious from her actions.
  83. Stacey vs. the BSC. Stacey isn't getting along with the members of The Baby-Sitters Club.
  84. Dawn and the School Spirit War. Problems start during School Spirit Week and Mary Anne begins to fear going to school.
  85. Claudia Kishi, Live From WSTO! Claudia works for a radio station, and must deal with her assistant, Ashley Wyeth.
  86. Mary Anne and Camp BSC. The Baby-Sitters Club runs a summer camp for children, but when Mary Anne's father goes away on a business trip, she becomes depressed.
  87. Stacey and the Bad Girls. Stacey's new friends are not responsible and get her in trouble.
  88. Farewell, Dawn. Dawn decides to move back to California permanently and has a huge argument with Mary Anne.
  89. Kristy and the Dirty Diapers. Davis Diapers starts sponsoring Kristy's Krushers, ruining the way the Krushers play ball.
  90. Welcome to the BSC, Abby. Trying to help her hard-working father and twin sister to adjust to life in Stoneybrook, Abby Stevenson becomes the newest member of the Baby-sitters Club and shares her first adventure.
  91. Claudia and the First Thanksgiving. Claudia's drama class writes a Thanksgiving play for the children at Stoneybrook Elementary, but some parents and teachers say it's un-American and protest.
  92. Mallory's Christmas Wish. Mallory's family experiences fame when her little sister, Vanessa, enters and wins a contest for their family's old fashioned Christmas.
  93. Mary Anne and the Memory Garden. Amelia, Mary Anne's friend and English project partner, dies in a car accident, leaving Mary Anne feeling helpless.
  94. Stacey McGill, Super Sitter. Stacey is taken advantage of by a new client, who makes her do extra work.
  95. Kristy + Bart = ? When Bart appears to like Kristy as more than friends, she must figure out if she likes him back.
  96. Abby's Lucky Thirteen. Abby must deal with being accused of cheating on a math test while she and her sister prepare for their Bat mitzvah.
  97. Claudia and the World's Cutest Baby. Claudia is delighted when her Aunt Peaches has a baby girl, and volunteers to help with the baby; however, she soon becomes a nuisance when she starts offering child care advice.
  98. Dawn and Too Many Sitters. Dawn is back in Stoneybrook for the summer, and The Baby-Sitters Club struggle to make money once they take on the Pike triplets and Dawn's younger brother as babysitters in training.
  99. Stacey's Broken Heart. Stacey fears it's the end of her relationship with Robert as she prepares to visit New York City for a week.
  100. Kristy's Worst Idea. The Baby-Sitters Club appears to be falling apart and things only get worse when a babysitting charge is hurt while Kristy is babysitting. Is this the end of the Baby-Sitters Club?
  101. Claudia Kishi, Middle School Drop-out. When her troubles in school culminate in her being dropped back to the seventh grade, Claudia struggles with feelings of failure while adjusting to classmates outside of the Baby-sitters Club.
  102. Mary Anne and the Little Princess. A princess is moving to Stoneybrook for six months and Mary Anne is hired to introduce her to the American way of life.
  103. Happy Holidays, Jessi. Jessi's brother is hurt in a car accident.
  104. Abby's Twin. Abby and Anna might be twins, but that doesn't make them the same. When Anna faces bad news about her health, Abby is at a loss for how to help her sister.
  105. Stacey the Math Whiz. Stacey has doubts when she is asked to join the Stoneybrook Middle School Mathletes.
  106. Claudia, Queen of the Seventh Grade. Claudia is elected Queen of the Seventh Grade.
  107. Mind Your Own Business, Kristy! Kristy is horrified by Charlie's new girlfriend.
  108. Don't Give Up, Mallory! Mallory's dream class turns into a disappointment when her teacher favors the boys.
  109. Mary Anne to the Rescue. Mary Anne's life becomes hectic when The Baby-Sitters Club members participate in a first aid class and Logan's parents decide to send him to boarding school.
  110. Abby the Bad Sport. Abby clashes with her soccer teammate.
  111. Stacey's Secret Friend. Stacey takes on the task of helping Tess Swinhart with a fashion makeover, but is Stacey the one that's wrong about Tessa's style?
  112. Kristy and the Sister War. Kristy tries to smooth out tension in Shannon Kilbourne's house.
  113. Claudia Makes Up Her Mind. Claudia must decide between two boys and if she wants to go back to eighth grade.
  114. The Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier. Mary Anne takes a second job at the mall, which she doesn't want anyone to find out about.
  115. Jessi's Big Break. Jessi gets accepted at a dance school in New York City.
  116. Abby and the Best Kid Ever. Everyone in the Baby-sitters Club remembers Lou McNally as the worst kid ever. But now she's back and, to Abby's surprise, acting a little too perfect.
  117. Claudia and the Terrible Truth. In one of the strongest Baby-sitters Club books ever, the club must deal with a client who is abusive toward his children. Ann M. Martin addresses a difficult and important topic in her characteristic sensitive and informed style.
  118. Kristy Thomas, Dog Trainer. Kristy and her family get a puppy that is being trained to be a guide dog.
  119. Stacey's Ex-Boyfriend. Stacey's ex-boyfriend is feeling down and the only thing that can cheer him up is her.
  120. Mary Anne and the Playground Fight. Abby worries that there's something wrong with her grandmother.
  121. Abby in Wonderland. The babysitters compete for six job openings at a new playground camp.
  122. Kristy in Charge. Kristy is involved in a feud with Cary Retlin when they are assigned to teach gym together.
  123. Claudia's Big Party. Claudia hosts a party between her old and new friends when her parents are out of town.
  124. Stacey McGill... Matchmaker? Stacey plays matchmaker between her mother and the father of her new sitting charges.
  125. Mary Anne in the Middle. Mary Anne gets in the middle of a feud between Jessi and Mallory.
  126. The All-New Mallory Pike. Mallory leaves Stoneybrook, Connecticut in order to attend a boarding school.
  127. Abby's Un-Valentine. Abby only likes two things about Valentine's Day, and romance isn't one.
  128. Claudia and the Little Liar. Haley Braddock starts lying about The Baby-Sitters Club, trying to turn the other kids against them.
  129. Kristy at Bat. Kristy gets demoted to second string on her school's softball team.
  130. Stacey's Movie. As part of a film course Stacey is doing, she decides to make a documentary about life in Stoneybrook. The film creates conflict between Stacey and her friends when she pursues a tell-all interview.
  131. The Fire at Mary Anne's House. When Mary Anne's house is destroyed by a fire, her family considers leaving Stoneybrook.



  • Mystery 1 - Stacey and the Missing Ring. Stacey is accused of stealing a ring while babysitting.
  • Mystery 2 - Beware, Dawn. Dawn receives threatening notes and phone calls as she's babysitting, while competing for Sitter of the Month.
  • Mystery 3 - Mallory and the Ghost Cat. When Mallory babysits for the Craines they discover a cat in the attic while investigating some eerie sounds. They think the mystery is solved until they continue to hear the sounds while the cat is sitting right next to them. Who (or what) is in the attic?
  • Mystery 4 - Kristy and the Missing Child. Jake Kuhn is reported missing, and Kristy was the last person to see him.
  • Mystery 5 - Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic. Mary Anne finds out the truth about her past.
  • Mystery 6 - The Mystery at Claudia's House. Weird things are happening to the Kishi family when Claudia's room is ransacked and her sister is caught lying to their parents.
  • Mystery 7 - Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs. Dawn's pet sitting charge and Kristy's puppy go missing, and the babysitters know it's more than a coincidence.
  • Mystery 8 - Jessi and the Jewel Thieves. Jessi visits her friend Quint in New York City and when they overhear two men discussing a jewel heist, they decide to investigate.
  • Mystery 9 - Kristy and the Haunted Mansion. Kristy and her softball team get caught in a storm and spend a night in a haunted mansion.
  • Mystery 10 - Stacey and the Mystery Money. There's counterfeiting going on in Stoneybrook and, when Stacey ends up accidentally paying someone fake money, The Baby-Sitters Club have to clear her name.
  • Mystery 11 - Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum. Claudia is visiting Stoneybrook's new museum when several thefts occur. Claudia decides to find the culprit and save the museum.
  • Mystery 12 - Dawn and the Surfer Ghost. Strange things are happening when Dawn sees a ghost off the California coast.
  • Mystery 13 - Mary Anne and the Library Mystery. Mary Anne gets a job helping with the children's readathon at Stoneybrook Library; however, someone is setting books on fire. Mary Anne, along with the members of The Baby-Sitters Club, decide to find out who the culprit is.
  • Mystery 14 - Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall. The babysitters are working at the Washington Mall for a class, and they begin to wonder if it's safe to shop there after a series of thefts happen.
  • Mystery 15 - Kristy and the Vampires. Accidents, mysterious letters, and rivalries on the set of a television film being shot in Stoneybrook add up to trouble for Kristy.
  • Mystery 16 - Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph. Claudia unknowingly takes pictures of a bank robbery in progress that end up being the only clues to catch the crooks.
  • Mystery 17 - Dawn and the Halloween Mystery. Trick-or-treating is called off after a robbery in Dawn's neighborhood, unless the We Love Kids Club can catch the robber.
  • Mystery 18 - Stacey and the Mystery at the Empty House. Stacey is house sitting while the Johanssens are away, only to begin suspecting that she is not alone.
  • Mystery 19 - Kristy and the Missing Fortune. Kristy digs into Stoneybrook's past and discovers the story of a young heiress who disappeared and took her fortune with her.
  • Mystery 20 - Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery. A school trip takes Mary Anne to the zoo and a mystery arises when they discover someone has been letting animals out of their cages.
  • Mystery 21 - Claudia and the Recipe for Danger. Claudia and Mary Anne enter a baking contest, but someone doesn't want them to win.
  • Mystery 22 - Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade. Strange things are happening at Stoneybrook Middle School as Stacey helps plan a Halloween dance.
  • Mystery 23 - Abby and the Secret Society. Abby attempts to solve a murder that is tied to the shady past of the old country club, where she gets a part-time job.
  • Mystery 24 - Mary Anne and the Silent Witness. Mary Anne discovers that her babysitting charge has witnessed a vandalism and a fire, but is too scared to tell anyone what he saw.
  • Mystery 25 - Kristy and the Middle School Vandal. Kristy attempts to discover who vandalized the school, while The Baby-Sitters Club tries to win a mystery war.
  • Mystery 26 - Dawn Schafer, Undercover Baby-sitter. Dawn babysits for a family feuding over an inheritance and attempts to bring the family together by helping them solve the mystery.
  • Mystery 27 - Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost. Old friends of the Kishi family come to stay and Claudia hears a terrible story that happened a long time ago at the old Stoneybrook lighthouse.
  • Mystery 28 - Abby and the Mystery Baby. Abby's family takes in a baby left on their porch while the authorities look for the parents.
  • Mystery 29 - Stacey and the Fashion Victim. Accidents and threatening notes plague Bellair's Fashion Week and Stacey must figure out who is behind it.
  • Mystery 30 - Kristy and the Mystery Train. Three babysitters embark on a mystery tour with child star Derek Masters, but someone is determined to ruin their good time.
  • Mystery 31 - Mary Anne and the Music Box Secret. Mary Anne finds a package hidden in the basement of her grandparents' house. Ignoring the curse written on the packaging, she opens it to discover a beautiful music box, just before odd things start happening.
  • Mystery 32 - Claudia and the Mystery in the Painting. After being told that her friend's grandmother burned all of her own famous paintings before she died, Claudia is suspicious and sets out to find the real truth.
  • Mystery 33 - Stacey and the Stolen Hearts. Someone steals a bag of valentine grams and begins revealing the personal content on them.
  • Mystery 34 - Mary Anne and the Haunted Bookstore. Mary Anne gets a job at a bookstore, only to discover occurrences aren't just fiction.
  • Mystery 35 - Abby and the Notorious Neighbor. Abby becomes convinced that her neighbor is a thief, and tries to gather evidence to take to the police.
  • Mystery 36 - Kristy and the Cat Burglar. When a cat burglar strikes a Stoneybrook mansion, Kristy and her friends must work to solve the crime before the thief gets away.
  • Super Mystery 1 - Baby-sitters' Haunted House. Available via Interlibrary loan.

  • Super Mystery 2 - Baby-sitters Beware. Available via Interlibrary loan.

  • Super Mystery 3 - Baby-sitters' Fright Night. Available via Interlibrary loan.

  • Super Mystery 4 - Baby-sitters' Christmas Chiller. Available via Interlibrary loan.


  1. Baby-sitters on Board! The baby-sitters go on a cruise to Disney world in this ultimate super special!
  2. Baby-Sitters' Summer Vacation. This summer, the Baby-sitters and a whole bunch of the kids they sit for are going to Camp Mohawk! With the girls as Counselors-in-Training, and the kids as campers, it'll be just like baby-sitting--in the woods! The Baby-sitters soon discover that camp isn't just nature walks and making lanyards. Dawn gets lost in the wilderness overnight. Kristy learns how to use mascara, and Mary Anne gets caught sneaking over to the boys' side of the camp. Stacey spends the two weeks with poison ivy...and Claudia falls in L-U-V with a boy CIT. This is one summer vacation the Baby-sitters will never forget!
  3. Baby-Sitters' Winter Vacation. When Jack Frost arrives, the members of the Baby-Sitters Club head for the snow-covered mountains with their skis, skates, snowsuits, and boots in tow, on the lookout for winter fun and male skiers.
  4. Baby-Sitters' Island Adventure. When Dawn and Claudia are allowed to sail in Long Island Sound without their sailing instructor, the baby-sitters and their young charges set out for Greenpoint Island and a day-long picnic, never expecting to be shipwrecked along the way.
  5. California Girls. Available via Interlibrary loan.
  6. New York, New York! The Baby-sitters have always wanted to be sophisticated New Yorkers like Stacey. Well, now here's their chance: Stacey has invited them all to the city for a vacation.
  7. Snowbound. When Stoneybrook is paralyzed by a massive blizzard, Dawn and her mother get stranded at the airport, Jessi is snowed in at her dance school, and Kristy's boyfriend gets stuck overnight at her house. Claudia, Mary Anne and Mallory are all baby-sitting, but no one has heard from Stacey-could she be trapped somewhere on the way back from the mall?
  8. Baby-Sitters at Shadow Lake. Invited for a vacation at Kristy's stepfather's family cabin on Shadow Lake, the Baby-sitters enjoy campfires, storytelling sessions, adventure, and romance.
  9. Starring The Baby-Sitters Club! With Kristy in the title role in her school's production of Peter Pan, the show is certain to be a hit-that is, until Dawn interrupts rehearsals with the charge that the play is sexist.
  10. Sea City, Here We Come! Every summer the Pikes rent a house right on the ocean in Sea City, New Jersey. And they bring two sitters along to take care of the Pike kids. Only this time, the whole entire Baby-sitters Club is going! Mary Anne shows Logan all the sites - the beach, the boardwalk, the infamous Tunnel of Luv. Mallory gets asked out on a date (except it's with Stacey's ex-boyfriend!). And Jessi's busy being Sea City's Super Sitter. In fact, the Baby-sitters are having so much fun, no one's noticed that a gigantic hurricane named Bill is headed straight for Sea City!
  11. The Baby-Sitters Remember. The teachers at SMS have assigned homework to do over the summer. How Mean! Plus, the essay topic is so boring: What I Did This Summer. If Kristy were teacher, she'd choose something much more interesting. Like writing about your most vivid memory. Which gets the Baby-sitters thinking...
  12. Here Come the Bridesmaids! Wedding bells ring on both coasts, for Dawn's dad and for Mrs. Barrett, a client of the Babysitters Club. This super special marks Dawn's long-awaited return to the Club.
  13. Aloha, Baby-Sitters! The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! It's the coolest school trip ever: a week in Hawaii! And almost all of the BSC members are going. Since Mallory can't go to Hawaii, the Baby-sitters resolve to bring Hawaii home to her, taking pictures and making notes of everything they see, eat, and do. Some of their adventures get pretty wild, too: Abby acts in a commercial; Dawn rescues a wrecked beach; and Stacey takes a dangerous helicopter ride she'll never forget. If only the BSC could stay in Hawaii! Too bad aloha means hello . . . and good-bye.
  14. Baby-Sitters Club in the USA. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! It's BSC road trip time! Two RVs are parked in front of Claudia's house. Dawn's dad, Mr. Schafer, will drive one. Watson Brewer, Kristy's stepdad, will pilot the other. The plan? Mr. Schafer and his bunch will take a northern route to California, while Watson's crowd heads south. Every passenger gets to pick a special stop along the way. The destinations? For starters, they include the Grand Canyon, a rodeo, a ghost town, Seattle, and plenty more. In two weeks, the two teams will meat in Dawn's hometown, Palo City. Baby-sitters, start your engines.
  15. Baby Sitters' European Vacation. The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters! The BSC is going global! Kristy, Stacey, Abby, Jessi, and Mallory have signed up for the best school trip yet: a week in London and Paris! Stacey can't wait to go shopping and to museums. Jessi's excited about a special dance performance. Abby's dying to visit the BSC's little princess, Victoria Kent. Mal's looking forward to meeting her distant cousins. And Kristy finds love . . . when she least expects it. This time the Baby-sitters are going to have plenty to write home about!


  • Reader's Request - Logan’s Story. It isn't easy being a boy baby-sitter. Like lots of guys, Logan enjoys baby-sitting. And being an associate member of the BSC means he can sit when he wants to, and still have time for Mary Anne and sports. But now the Baby-sitters really need Logan. Logan wouldn't mind taking on the extra baby-sitting jobs, but he's busy trying out for the track team. And the jocks are giving Logan a hard time about hanging out with the girls and babies. Logan doesn't want to let the Baby-sitters down. But he's tired of being picked on!
  • Reader's Request - Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter. Poor Logan. The kids at school are always busting him for being a "boy baby-sitter." And then Logan blows a track event that causes SMS to lose a meet. He's feeling pretty bummed...Until "Jam," the coolest guy at school suddenly askes Logan to hang out with him. Being around Jam and his tough crowd is exciting. They do daring things. They live on the edge. But pretty soon, Logan gets himself in some major trouble. And not even Mary Ann and the Baby-sitters can help him this time.
  • Reader's Request - Shannon’s Story. Shannon Kilbourne, straight A student. Being an associate member of the BSC is perfect for Shannon, because it leaves her plenty of time for studying and all her activities. School is especially important to Shannon now, because if she keeps her grade up in French, she'll be able to go on a special class trip to Paris. Ooh la la! Lately, though, Shannon's been having problems with her mom. Mrs. Kilbourne is practically running Shannon's life! And when Mrs. Kilbourne announces she's going to chaperone the Paris trip, Shannon is furious. Her mother is not going on that trip. Even if it means doing something...drastic.


  • Portrait Collection - Stacey's Book. Can you believe it? Everyone in the eighth grade of my school has to write an autobiography. So I've been looking through photo albums and trying to remember the past-the good and the bad. Like when I was five and got to be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. And when I was eight and Laine and I got in BIG trouble. I've been writing about my life before diabetes, before the divorce, and even before Stoneybrook and the BSC. In fact, everything right up until this minute. So this is my life-welcome to it!
  • Portrait Collection - Claudia's Book. Ugh. So this is my autobiography. All the eighth-graders at SMS have to write one. Even though I'm not good at writing, it's been cool remembering when I was little. I have lots of good memories of growing up here on Bradford Court, across the street from my friends Kristy and Mary Anne. Like my sixth birthday. First it was good, then it was bad, then it was good again. And the time I was afraid of the tooth fairy! I probably won't get an A on this assignment. I never do. But I have to admit that this is one project that's actually been fun.
  • Portrait Collection - Dawn's Book. I thought I had escaped having to write my autobiography at SMS. But no! I moved all the way back to California, and what do I find? My English teacher assigned the very same project. So here I am with lots of memories of both California and Connecticut. There was the time I met my future best friend Sunny and thought she was a weirdo. And there were baby-sitting adventures, like the day I was a hero, and the day I really blew it. Now that I'm finished, I'm kind of glad I had to write my autobiography. You know what? I've had a pretty interesting life.
  • Portrait Collection - Mary Anne's Book. Well, we all had to do it. Write our autobiographies, that is. And this is mine. I dug way back in my memory and came up with lots of stories. There was the fateful time in kindergarden when I didn't know whom to invite to our Mother's Day tea party. There was the time I desperately wanted glasses, and of course there were the adventures with my friends Kristy and Claudia. But mostly I remember my father, because he's always been there for me. Always and forever.
  • Portrait Collection - Kristy's Book. At last it's my turn to write about my favorite subject-me! Everyone else has complained about writing their autobiographies, but I've been looking forward to it. It's a chance for me to think about all the things that have happened in my short but incredible life. Some were happy, some were sad, some were funny. For instance, I was almost born in Yankee Statium! Maybe that's why I like softball so much. And look at all the changes my family has been through, starting with my parents' divorce, anding with the time I finally saw my father again, seven years later. See what I mean? My short (so far) but incredible life. Who knows where I'll go from here? There's always the White House...
  • Portrait Collection - Abby's Book. So I gues this makes me an official SMS student-I'm writing my autobiography just like every other eight-grader here. This hasn't been easy. It's a big job, plus it's very emotional for me. Looking through all the family photos has made me remember some pretty difficult times. My family has been through a lot, but it hasn't all been bad. There was the period when my sister and I had to be color-coded so people could tell us apart! And then there was the crazy move to Stoneybrook, and my unforgettable first meeting with Kristy Thomas. So now here I am, a stoneybrookite, working on my first major school project. I sincerely hope I don't blow it.


  • The Summer Before:  A Baby-Sitters Club prequel. The BSC returns in this fantastic prequel from Newbery Honor author Ann M. Martin. Before there was the Baby-Sitters Club, there were four girls named Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, and Stacey McGill. As they start the summer before seventh grade (also before they start the BSC), each of them is on the cusp of a big change. Kristy is still hung up on hoping that her father will return to her family. Mary Anne has to prove to her father that she's no longer a little girl who needs hundreds of rules. Claudia is navigating her first major crush on a boy. And Stacey is leaving her entire New York City life behind...
  • We Are the Baby-Sitters Club:  Essays and Artwork From Grown-Up Readers. (2021). Ann M. Martin's Baby-Sitters Club series featured a complex cast of characters and touched on an impressive range of issues that were underrepresented at the time: divorce, adoption, childhood illness, class division, and racism. In We Are the Baby-Sitters Club, writers and a few visual artists from the original BSC generation will reflect on the enduring legacy of Ann M. Martin's beloved series, thirty-five years later-celebrating the BSC's profound cultural influence.
  • Paperback crush : the totally radical history of '80s and '90s teen fiction. (2018). Every twenty- or thirty-something woman knows these books. The pink covers, the flimsy paper, the zillion volumes in the series that kept you reading for your entire adolescence. Spurred by the commercial success of Sweet Valley High and The Babysitters Club, these were not the serious-issue YA novels of the 1970s, nor were they the blockbuster books of the Harry Potter and Twilight ilk. They were cheap, short, and utterly beloved. Paperback crush dives in deep to this golden age with affection, history, and a little bit of snark.

The World of Sweet Valley

sweet Valley cover art for the first prose and graphic novel editions

It's the classic universe of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. Two beautiful, California twins, one mischievous, one responsible, and the rotating group of friends and colleagues they interact with. Sometimes comical, sometimes serious, for forty years now readers have been able to follow Jessica and Elizabeth's adventures as elementary, middle, high school, and university students, and even have followed them into adult lives. Nine different series make up the Sweet Valley Universe, all which started with Sweet Valley High. Most of the series are unavailable at the Alachua County library, but are available to order through our interlibrary loan system. Starting in 2022, a graphic novel adaptation of the Sweet Valley Twins series began, and you can check those books out (they're fun, and fans of the originals can play 'spot the updates'). As Sweet Valley seems to be following the Baby-Sitters Club rerelease playbook, it will be interesting to see if the original series gets rereleased as well.

Sweet Valley Twins
  1. Best Friends. Elizabeth and Jessica are starting middle school together, but the twin sisters soon realize they have different interests and it is good to become their own person.
  2. Teacher's Pet. Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, twin sisters and the best dancers in their ballet class, both want to dance the solo in the class recital, but Jessica is convinced Elizabeth will get it because she is the teacher's pet.
  3. Choosing Sides. In her struggle to protect her best friend from getting hurt, Elizabeth finds herself torn between Amy, who is determined to join the Unicorn Club's cheering squad, and her twin sister Jessica, who is one of the Unicorns who do not want Amy on the team.
  4. The Haunted House. Identical twins Elizabeth and Jessica think the Mercandy mansion is haunted and that new student Nora Mercandy might be a witch, but Elizabeth wants to find out if the rumors are true.

While the original books are no longer available in our catalog, you can request the titles through our interlibrary loan system. Click the links below to find all the titles for each Sweet Valley series.


Give Yourself Goosebumps....

book covers of two GOOSEBUMPS novels

A series of pre-teen novels depicting regular kids interacting with the supernatural. The series first began in 1992, and has since spawned two television series, multiple spinoffs, and feature length motion pictures.  Goosebumps is an anthology series, meaning that the books are related by tone and topic, but have little to no carry-over characters or settings.  Goosebumps Graphix reproduced three of the titles as graphic novels, and IDW Comics later adapted the books as a comic book series. For more information on this series and R. L. Stine, check out our Deep Dive into Goosebumps.


GOOSEBUMPS GRAPHIX (2006-2015) (graphic novels)

  1. Creepy Creatures
  2. Terror Trips
  3. Scary Summer
  4. Slappy's Tales of Horror
  5. Monsters At Midnight
  6. Download and Die!
  7. Horrors of the Witch House
  8. Secrets of the Swamp


  1. Welcome to Dead House
  2. Stay Out of the Basement
  3. Monster Blood
  4. Say Cheese and Die!
  5. The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
  6. Let's Get Invisible!
  7. Night of the Living Dummy
  8. The Girl Who Cried Monster
  9. Welcome to Camp Nightmare
  10. The Ghost Next Door
  11. The Haunted Mask
  12. Be Careful What You Wish For...
  13. Piano Lessons Can Be Murder
  14. The Werewolf of Fever Swamp
  15. You Can't Scare Me!
  16. One Day at HorrorLand
  17. Why I'm Afraid of Bees
  18. Monster Blood II
  19. Deep Trouble
  20. The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight
  21. Go Eat Worms!
  22. Ghost Beach
  23. Return of the Mummy
  24. Phantom of the Auditorium
  25. Attack of the Mutant
  26. My Hairiest Adventure
  27. A Night in Terror Tower
  28. The Cuckoo Clock of Doom
  29. Monster Blood III
  30. It Came from Beneath the Sink!
  31. Night of the Living Dummy II
  32. The Barking Ghost
  33. The Horror at Camp Jellyjam
  34. Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes
  35. A Shocker on Shock Street
  36. The Haunted Mask II
  37. The Headless Ghost
  38. The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena
  39. How I Got My Shrunken Head
  40. Night of the Living Dummy III
  41. Bad Hare Day
  42. Egg Monsters from Mars
  43. The Beast from the East
  44. Say Cheese and Die—Again!
  45. Ghost Camp
  46. How to Kill a Monster
  47. Legend of the Lost Legend
  48. Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns
  49. Vampire Breath
  50. Calling All Creeps!
  51. Beware, the Snowman
  52. How I Learned to Fly
  53. Chicken, Chicken
  54. Don't Go to Sleep!
  55. The Blob That Ate Everyone
  56. The Curse of Camp Cold Lake
  57. My Best Friend is Invisible
  58. Deep Trouble II
  59. The Haunted School
  60. Werewolf Skin
  61. I Live in Your Basement!
  62. Monster Blood IV


  1. Tales to Give You Goosebumps
  2. More Tales to Give You Goosebumps
  3. Even More Tales to Give You Goosebumps
  4. Still More Tales to Give You Goosebumps
  5. More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps
  6. More & More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps


  1. Escape from the Carnival of Horrors
  2. Tick Tock, You're Dead!
  3. Trapped in Bat Wing Hall
  4. The Deadly Experiments of Dr. Eeek
  5. Night in Werewolf Woods
  6. Beware of the Purple Peanut Butter
  7. Under the Magician's Spell
  8. The Curse of the Creeping Coffin
  9. The Knight in Screaming Armor
  10. Diary of a Mad Mummy
  11. Deep in the Jungle of Doom
  12. Welcome to the Wicked Wax Museum
  13. Scream of the Evil Genie
  14. The Creepy Creations of Professor Shock
  15. Please Don't Feed the Vampire!
  16. Secret Agent Grandma
  17. Little Comic Shop of Horrors
  18. Attack of the Beastly Babysitter
  19. Escape from Camp Run-For-Your-Life
  20. Toy Terror: Batteries Included
  21. The Twisted Tale of Tiki Island
  22. Return to the Carnival of Horrors
  23. Zapped in Space
  24. Lost in Stinkeye Swamp
  25. Shop Till You Drop...Dead!
  26. Alone in Snakebite Canyon
  27. Checkout Time at the Dead-End Hotel
  28. Night of a Thousand Claws
  29. Invaders from the Big Screen
  30. You're Plant Food!
  31. The Werewolf of Twisted Tree Lodge
  32. It's Only a Nightmare
  33. It Came from the Internet!
  34. Elevator to Nowhere
  35. Hocus-Pocus Horror
  36. Ship of Ghouls
  37. Escape from Horror House
  38. Into the Twister of Terror
  39. Scary Birthday to You
  40. Zombie School
  41. Danger Time
  42. All-Day Nightmare
  43. Into the Jaws of Doom (special edition)
  44. Return to Terror Tower (special edition)
  45. Trapped in the Circus of Fear (special edition)
  46. One Night in Payne House (special edition)
  47. The Curse of the Cave Creatures (special edition)
  48. Revenge of the Body Squeezers (special edition)
  49. Trick or...Trapped! (special edition)
  50. Weekend at Poison Lake (special edition


  1. The Girl Who Cried Monster
  2. The Cuckoo Clock of Doom
  3. Welcome to Camp Nightmare
  4. Return of the Mummy
  5. Night of the Living Dummy II
  6. My Hairiest Adventure
  7. The Headless Ghost
  8. Be Careful What You Wish for
  9. Go Eat Worms!
  10. Bad Hare Day
  11. Let's Get Invisible!
  12. Attack of the Mutant
  13. Ghost Beach
  14. You Can't Scare Me!
  15. Monster Blood
  16. Attack of the Jack-o'-Lanterns
  17. Calling All Creeps!
  18. Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes
  19. The Blob That Ate Everyone


  1. Three Shocking Tales of Terror Book 1
  2. Three Shocking Tales of Terror Book 2

GOOSEBUMPS SERIES 2000 (1998-2000)

  1. Cry of the Cat
  2. Bride of the Living Dummy
  3. Creature Teacher
  4. Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part 1
  5. Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part 2
  6. I Am Your Evil Twin
  7. Revenge R Us
  8. Fright Camp
  9. Are You Terrified Yet?
  10. Headless Halloween
  11. Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls
  12. Brain Juice
  13. Return to HorrorLand
  14. Jekyll and Heidi
  15. Scream School
  16. The Mummy Walks
  17. The Werewolf in the Living Room
  18. Horrors of the Black Ring
  19. Return to Ghost Camp
  20. Be Afraid – Be Very Afraid!
  21. The Haunted Car
  22. Full Moon Fever
  23. Slappy's Nightmare
  24. Earth Geeks Must Go!
  25. Ghost in the Mirror
  26. The Incredible Shrinking Fifth Grader


  1. Welcome to HorrorLand: A Survival Guide
  2. Goosebumps HorrorLand: Write Your Fright
  3. Revenge of the Living Dummy
  4. Creep from the Deep
  5. Monster Blood for Breakfast!
  6. The Scream of the Haunted Mask
  7. Dr. Maniac vs. Robby Schwartz
  8. Who's Your Mummy?
  9. My Friends Call Me Monster
  10. Say Cheese - And Die Screaming!
  11. Welcome to Camp Slither
  12. Help! We Have Strange Powers!
  13. Escape From HorrorLand
  14. The Streets of Panic Park
  15. When the Ghost Dog Howls
  16. Little Shop of Hamsters
  17. Heads, You Lose!
  18. Weirdo Halloween: Special Edition
  19. The Wizard of Ooze
  20. Slappy New Year!
  21. The Horror at Chiller House
  22. Claws! (Hall of Horrors)
  23. Night of the Giant Everything (Hall of Horrors)
  24. The Five Masks of Dr. Screem: Special Edition (Hall of Horrors)
  25. Why I Quit Zombie School (Hall of Horrors)
  26. Don't Scream! (Hall of Horrors)
  27. The Birthday Party of No Return (Hall of Horrors)


  1. Planet of the Lawn Gnomes
  2. Son of Slappy
  3. How I Met My Monster
  4. Frankenstein's Dog
  5. Dr. Maniac Will See You Now
  6. Creature Teacher: The Final Exam
  7. A Nightmare on Clown Street
  8. Night of the Puppet People
  9. Here Comes the Shaggedy
  10. Lizard of Oz
  11. Zombie Halloween (special edition)
  12. The 12 Screams of Christmas (special edition)
  13. Trick or Trap (special edition)
  14. The Haunter (special edition)


  1. Slappy Birthday To You
  2. Attack of the Jack
  3. I am Slappy's Evil twin
  4. Please Do Not Feed the Weirdo
  5. Escape From Shudder Mansion
  6. The Ghost of Slappy
  7. It's Alive! It's Alive!
  8. The Dummy Meets the Mummy
  9. Revenge of the Invisible Boy
  10. Diary of a Dummy
  11. They Call Me the Night Howler!
  12. My Friend Slappy
  13. Monster Blood Is Back
  14. Fifth Grade Zombies
  15. Judy and the Beast
  16. Slappy in Dreamland
  17. Haunting with the Stars
  18. Slappy, Beware!
  19. Night of the Squawker
  20. Fright Night

The World of River Heights

book covers for the first prose and graphic novel versions of Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is a fictional teenage sleuth who has appeared in her original series, multiple spinoff book series, video games, a television show, and even a feature length film. Nancy lives in the invented town of River Heights with her attorney father and housekeeper. In her free time, she solves mysteries, assisted by the help of her two closest friends, Bess Marvin and George Fayne.

When the title has a hyperlink, that link will take you to a copy in our Collection. Where there is no hyperlink, we do not currently offer the title but encourage you to seek it out using our interlibrary loan service.

Nancy Drew:  the original series

Original Series (1930-1979):

  1. The Secret of the Old Clock
  2. The Hidden Staircase
  3. The Bungalow Mystery
  4. The Mystery at Lilac Inn
  5. The Secret at Shadow Ranch
  6. The Secret of Red Gate Farm
  7. The Clue in the Diary
  8. Nancy's Mysterious Letter
  9. The Sign of the Twisted Candles
  10. The Password to Larkspur Lane
  11. The Clue of the Broken Locket
  12. The Message in the Hollow Oak
  13. The Mystery of the Ivory Charm
  14. The Whispering Statue
  15. The Haunted Bridge
  16. The Clue of the Tapping Heels
  17. The Mystery of the Brass-Bound Trunk
  18. The Mystery at the Moss-Covered Mansion
  19. The Quest of the Missing Map
  20. The Clue in the Jewel Box
  21. The Secret in the Old Attic
  22. The Clue in the Crumbling Wall
  23. The Mystery of the Tolling Bell
  24. The Clue in the Old Album
  25. The Ghost of Blackwood Hall
  26. The Clue of the Leaning Chimney
  27. The Secret of the Wooden Lady
  28. The Clue of the Black Keys
  29. The Mystery at the Ski Jump
  30. The Clue of the Velvet Mask
  31. The Ringmaster's Secret
  32. The Scarlet Slipper Mystery
  33. The Witch Tree Symbol
  34. The Hidden Window Mystery
  35. The Haunted Showboat
  36. The Secret of the Golden Pavilion
  37. The Clue in the Old Stagecoach
  38. The Mystery of the Fire Dragon
  39. The Clue of the Dancing Puppet
  40. The Moonstone Castle Mystery
  41. The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes
  42. The Phantom of Pine Hill
  43. The Mystery of the 99 Steps
  44. The Clue in the Crossword Cipher
  45. The Spider Sapphire Mystery
  46. The Invisible Intruder
  47. The Mysterious Mannequin
  48. The Crooked Banister
  49. The Secret of Mirror Bay
  50. The Double Jinx Mystery
  51. Mystery of the Glowing Eye
  52. The Secret of the Forgotten City
  53. The Sky Phantom
  54. The Strange Message in the Parchment
  55. Mystery of Crocodile Island
  56. The Thirteenth Pearl
  57. The Triple Hoax
  58. The Flying Saucer Mystery           
  59. The Secret in the Old Lace           
  60. The Greek Symbol Mystery          
  61. The Swami's Ring            
  62. The Kachina Doll Mystery             
  63. The Twin Dilemma          
  64. Captive Witness                
  65. Mystery of the Winged Lion        
  66. Race Against Time           
  67. The Sinister Omen           
  68. The Elusive Heiress         
  69. Clue in the Ancient Disguise        
  70. The Broken Anchor         
  71. The Silver Cobweb          
  72. The Haunted Carousel   
  73. Enemy Match    
  74. The Mysterious Image                   
  75. The Emerald-Eyed Cat Mystery   
  76. The Eskimo's Secret        
  77. The Bluebeard Room      
  78. The Phantom of Venice
  79. The Double Horror of Fenley Place           
  80. The Case of the Disappearing Diamonds 
  81. The Mardi Gras Mystery 
  82. The Clue in the Camera 
  83. The Case of the Vanishing Veil    
  84. The Joker's Revenge       
  85. The Secret of Shady Glen             
  86. The Mystery of Misty Canyon      
  87. The Case of the Rising Stars         
  88. The Search for Cindy Austin         
  89. The Case of the Disappearing Deejay       
  90. The Puzzle at Pineview School    
  91. The Girl Who Couldn't Remember            
  92. The Ghost of Craven Cove            
  93. The Case of the Safecracker's Secret        
  94. The Picture-Perfect Mystery        
  95. The Silent Suspect       
  96. The Case of the Photo Finish       
  97. The Mystery at Magnolia Mansion           
  98. The Haunting of Horse Island      
  99. The Secret at Seven Rocks           
  100. A Secret in Time              
  101. The Mystery of the Missing Millionairess           
  102. The Secret in the Dark    
  103. The Stranger in the Shadows       
  104. The Mystery of the Jade Tiger     
  105. The Clue in the Antique Trunk     
  106. The Case of the Artful Crime       
  107. The Legend of Miner's Creek       
  108. The Secret of the Tibetan Treasure          
  109. The Mystery of the Masked Rider             
  110. The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery   
  111. The Secret at Solaire       
  112. Crime in the Queen's Court         
  113. The Secret Lost at Sea    
  114. The Search for the Silver Persian 
  115. The Suspect in the Smoke         
  116. The Case of the Twin Teddy Bears            
  117. Mystery on the Menu     
  118. Trouble at Lake Tahoe    
  119. The Mystery of the Missing Mascot         
  120. The Case of the Floating Crime   
  121. The Fortune Teller's Secret          
  122. The Message in the Haunted Mansion     
  123. The Clue on the Silver Screen      
  124. The Secret of the Scarlet Hand    
  125. The Teen Model Mystery             
  126. The Riddle in the Rare Book        
  127. The Case of the Dangerous Solution         
  128. The Treasure in the Royal Tower 
  129. The Baby-Sitter Burglaries         
  130. The Sign of the Falcon    
  131. The Hidden Inheritance 
  132. The Fox Hunt Mystery   
  133. The Mystery at the Crystal Palace            
  134. The Secret of the Forgotten Cave             
  135. The Riddle of the Ruby Gazelle   
  136. The Wedding Day Mystery       
  137. In Search of the Black Rose          
  138. The Legend of the Lost Gold        
  139. The Secret of Candlelight Inn   
  140. The Door-to-Door Deception       
  141. The Wild Cat Crime         
  142. The Case of Capital Intrigue         
  143. Mystery on Maui         
  144. The E-mail Mystery         
  145. The Missing Horse Mystery         
  146. The Ghost of the Lantern Lady    
  147. The Case of the Captured Queen           
  148. On the Trail of Trouble   
  149. The Clue of the Gold Doubloons 
  150. Mystery at Moorsea Manor     
  151. The Chocolate-Covered Contest 
  152. The Key in the Satin Pocket       
  153. Whispers In the Fog        
  154. The Legend of the Emerald Lady 
  155. The Mystery in Tornado Alley
  156. The Secret in the Stars
  157. The Music Festival Mystery
  158. The Curse of the Black Cat
  159. The Secret of the Fiery Chamber
  160. The Clue on the Crystal Dove
  161. Lost in the Everglades
  162. The Case of the Lost Song
  163. The Clues Challenge
  164. The Mystery of the Mother Wolf
  165. The Crime Lab Case
  166. The Case of the Creative Crime
  167. Mystery by Moonlight
  168. The Bike Tour Mystery
  169. The Mistletoe Mystery
  170. No Strings Attached
  171. Intrigue at the Grand Opera
  172. The Riding Club Crime
  173. Danger on the Great Lakes
  174. A Taste of Danger
  175. Werewolf in a Winter Wonderland
graphic novels and Nancy Drew books for teens


Nancy Drew:  Girl Detective (2005-2010):

  1. The Demon of River Heights
  2. Writ in Stone
  3. The Old Fashioned Mystery of The Haunted Dollhouse
  4. The Girl Who Wasn't There
  5. The Fake Heir
  6. Mr. Cheeters is Missing
  7. The Charmed Bracelet
  8. Global Warning
  9. Ghost in the Machinery
  10. The Disoriented Express
  11. Monkey-Wrench Blues
  12. Dress Reversal
  13. Doggone Town
  14. Sleight of Dan
  15. Tiger Counter
  16. What Goes Up
  17. Night of the Living Chatchke
  18. City Under the Basement
  19. Cliffhanger
  20. High School Musical Mystery
  21. High School Musical Mystery Part 2: The Lost Verse. 
  22. (New Case Files #1) Nancy Drew:  Vampire Slayer. 
  23. (New Case Files #2) A Vampire's Kiss. 
  24. (New Case Files #3) Together With the Hardy Boys.

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew (graphic novels) (2012-2013):

  1. Small Volcanoes
  2. Secret Sand Sleuths 
  3. Enter the Dragon Mystery 

Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys (graphic novels) (2017-2021)

  1. The Big Lie
  2. Nancy Drew
  3. The Palace of Wisdom
  4. The Mystery of the Missing Adults!
  5. The Death of Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Files (1986-1997):

  1. Secrets Can Kill
  2. Deadly Intent
  3. Murder on Ice
  4. Smile and Say Murder
  5. Hit and Run Holiday
  6. White Water Terror
  7. Deadly Doubles
  8. Two Points to Murder
  9. False Moves
  10. Buried Secrets
  11. Heart of Danger
  12. Fatal Ransom
  13. Wings of Fear
  14. This Side of Evil
  15. Trial by Fire
  16. Never Say Die
  17. Stay Tuned for Danger
  18. Circle of Evil
  19. Sisters in Crime
  20. Very Deadly Yours
  21. Recipe for Murder
  22. Fatal Attraction
  23. Sinister Paradise
  24. Till Death Do Us Part
  25. Rich and Dangerous
  26. Playing with Fire
  27. Most Likely to Die
  28. The Black Widow
  29. Pure Poison
  30. Death by Design
  31. Trouble in Tahiti
  32. High Marks for Malice
  33. Danger in Disguise
  34. Vanishing Act
  35. Bad Medicine
  36. Over the Edge
  37. Last Dance
  38. The Final Scene
  39. The Suspect Next Door
  40. Shadow of a Doubt
  41. Something to Hide
  42. The Wrong Chemistry
  43. False Impressions
  44. Scent of Danger
  45. Out of Bounds
  46. Win, Place, or Die
  47. Flirting with Danger
  48. A Date with Deception
  49. Portrait in Crime
  50. Deep Secrets
  51. A Model Crime
  52. Danger for Hire
  53. Trail of Lies
  54. Cold as Ice
  55. Don't Look Twice
  56. Make No Mistake
  57. Into Thin Air
  58. Hot Pursuit
  59. High Risk
  60. Poison Pen
  61. Sweet Revenge
  62. Easy Marks
  63. Mixed Signals
  64. The Wrong Track
  65. Final Notes
  66. Tall, Dark, and Deadly
  67. Nobody's Business
  68. Crosscurrents
  69. Running Scared
  70. Cutting Edge
  71. Hot Tracks
  72. Swiss Secrets
  73. Rendezvous in Rome
  74. Greek Odyssey
  75. A Talent for Murder
  76. The Perfect Plot
  77. Danger on Parade
  78. Update on Crime
  79. No Laughing Matter
  80. Power of Suggestion
  81. Making Waves
  82. Dangerous Relations
  83. Diamond Deceit
  84. Choosing Sides
  85. Sea of Suspicion
  86. Let's Talk Terror
  87. Moving Target
  88. False Pretenses
  89. Designs in Crime
  90. Stage Fright
  91. If Looks Could Kill
  92. My Deadly Valentine
  93. Hotline to Danger
  94. Illusions of Evil
  95. An Instinct for Trouble
  96. The Runaway Bride
  97. Squeeze Play
  98. Island of Secrets
  99. The Cheating Heart
  100. Dance Till You Die
  101. The Picture of Guilt
  102. Counterfeit Christmas
  103. Heart of Ice
  104. Kiss and Tell
  105. Stolen Affections
  106. Flying Too High
  107. Anything for Love
  108. Captive Heart
  109. Love Notes
  110. Hidden Meanings
  111. The Stolen Kiss
  112. For Love or Money
  113. Wicked Ways
  114. Rehearsing for Romance
  115. Running into Trouble
  116. Under His Spell
  117. Skipping a Beat
  118. Betrayed by Love
  119. Against the Rules
  120. Dangerous Loves
  121. Natural Enemies
  122. Strange Memories
  123. Wicked for the Weekend
  124. Crime at the Chat Café

Nancy Drew On Campus (1995-1998):

  1. New Lives, New Loves
  2. On Her Own
  3. Don't Look Back
  4. Tell Me the Truth
  5. Secret Rules
  6. It's Your Move
  7. False Friends
  8. Getting Closer
  9. Broken Promises
  10. Party Weekend
  11. In the Name of Love
  12. Just the Two of Us
  13. Campus Exposures
  14. Hard to Get
  15. Loving and Losing
  16. Going Home
  17. New Beginnings
  18. Keeping Secrets
  19. Love On-Line
  20. Jealous Feelings
  21. Love and Betrayal
  22. In and Out of Love
  23. Otherwise Engaged
  24. In the Spotlight
  25. Snowbound


Nancy Drew books for younger readers

Nancy Drew Notebooks (1994-2005):

  1. The Slumber Party Secret
  2. The Lost Locket
  3. The Secret Santa
  4. Bad Day for Ballet
  5. The Soccer Shoe Clue
  6. The Ice Cream Scoop
  7. Trouble at Camp Treehouse
  8. The Best Detective
  9. The Thanksgiving Surprise
  10. Not Nice on Ice
  11. The Pen Pal Puzzle
  12. The Puppy Problem
  13. The Wedding Gift Goof
  14. The Funny Face Fight
  15. The Crazy Key Clue
  16. The Ski Slope Mystery
  17. Whose Pet is Best
  18. The Stolen Unicorn
  19. The Lemonade Raid
  20. Hannah's Secret
  21. Princess on Parade
  22. The Clue in the Glue
  23. Alien in the Classroom
  24. The Hidden Treasures
  25. Dare at the Fair
  26. The Lucky Horseshoes
  27. Trouble Takes the Cake
  28. Thrill on the Hill
  29. Lights! Camera! Clues!
  30. It's No Joke
  31. Fine Feathered Mystery
  32. Black Velvet Mystery
  33. The Gumdrop Ghost
  34. Trash or Treasure
  35. Third Grade Reporter
  36. Make Believe Mystery
  37. Dude Ranch Detective
  38. Candy is Dandy
  39. Chinese New Year Mystery
  40. Dinosaur Alert
  41. Flower Power
  42. Circus Act
  43. The Walkie-Talkie Mystery
  44. The Purple Fingerprint
  45. The Dashing Dog Mystery
  46. The Snow Queen's Surprise
  47. The Crook Who Took the Book
  48. The Crazy Carnival Case
  49. The Sand Castle Mystery
  50. The Scarytales Sleepover
  51. The Old-Fashioned Mystery
  52. Big Worry in Wonderland
  53. Recipe for Trouble
  54. The Stinky Cheese Surprise
  55. The Day Camp Disaster
  56. Turkey Trouble
  57. The Carousel Mystery
  58. The Dollhouse Mystery
  59. The Bike Race Mystery
  60. The Lighthouse Mystery
  61. Space Case
  62. The Secret in the Spooky Woods
  63. The Snowman Surprise
  64. The Bunny-Hop Hoax
  65. Strike-Out Scare
  66. Zoo Clue
  67. The Singing Suspects
  68. The Apple Bandit
  69. The Kitten Caper

Nancy Drew:  Girl Detective (2004-2012):

  1. Without A Trace
  2. A Race Against Time
  3. False Notes
  4. High Risk
  5. Lights, Camera...
  6. ...Action!
  7. The Stolen Relic
  8. The Scarlet Macaw Scandal
  9. Secret of the Spa
  10. Uncivil Acts
  11. Riverboat Ruse
  12. Stop the Clock
  13. Trade Wind Danger
  14. Bad Times, Big Crimes
  15. Framed
  16. Dangerous Plays
  17. En Garde
  18. Pit of Vipers
  19. The Orchid Thief
  20. Getting Burned
  21. Close Encounters
  22. Dressed to Steal
  23. Troubled Waters
  24. Murder on the Set
  25. Trails of Treachery
  26. Fishing for Clues
  27. Intruder
  28. Mardi Gras Masquerade
  29. The Stolen Bones
  30. Pageant Perfect Crime
  31. Perfect Cover
  32. The Perfect Escape
  33. Secret Identity
  34. Identity Theft
  35. Identity Revealed
  36. Model Crime
  37. Model Menace
  38. Model Suspect
  39. Green-Eyed Monster
  40. Green with Envy
  41. Seeing Green
  42. Secret Sabotage
  43. Serial Sabotage
  44. Sabotage Surrender
  45. California Schemin'
  46. Mystery at Malachite Mansion
  47. Stalk, Don't Run
  48. Super Mystery #1: Where's Nancy? 
  49. Super Mystery #2: Once Upon A Crime. 
  50. Super Mystery #3: Real Fake. 
  51. Super Mystery #4: Ghost Stories.

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew (2006-2015):

  1. Sleepover Sleuths
  2. Scream for Ice Cream
  3. Pony Problems
  4. The Cinderella Ballet Mystery
  5. Case of the Sneaky Snowman
  6. The Fashion Disaster
  7. The Circus Scare
  8. Lights, Camera... Cats!
  9. The Halloween Hoax
  10. Ticket Trouble
  11. Ski School Sneak
  12. Valentine's Day Secret
  13. Chick-napped!
  14. The Zoo Crew
  15. Mall Madness
  16. Thanksgiving Thief
  17. Wedding Day Disaster
  18. Earth Day Escapade
  19. April Fool's Day
  20. Treasure Trouble
  21. Double Take
  22. Unicorn Uproar
  23. Babysitting Bandit
  24. Princess Mix-up Mystery
  25. Buggy Breakout
  26. Camp Creepy
  27. Cat Burglar Caper
  28. Time Thief
  29. Designed for Disaster
  30. Dance Off
  31. The Make-a-Pet Mystery
  32. Cape Mermaid Mystery
  33. The Pumpkin Patch Puzzle
  34. Cupcake Chaos
  35. Cooking Camp Disaster
  36. The Secret of the Scarecrow
  37. The Flower Show Fiasco
  38. A Musical Mess
  39. Museum Mayhem
  40. Butterfly Blues

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mystery (crossover series) (2007-2012)

  1. Terror On Tour
  2. Danger Overseas
  3. Club Dread
  4. Gold Medal Murder
  5. Bonfire Masquerade
  6. Stage Fright

Nancy Drew Diaries (2013-2018)

  1. Curse of the Arctic Star  
  2. Strangers on a Train         
  3. Mystery of the Midnight Rider    
  4. Once Upon a Thriller
  5. Sabotage at Willow Woods
  6. Secret at Mystic Lake       
  7. The Phantom of Nantucket.
  8. The Magician's Secret     
  9. The Clue at Black Creek Farm.
  10. A Script for Danger
  11. The Red Slippers
  12. The Sign in the Smoke
  13. The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn
  14. Riverboat Roulette           
  15. The Professor and the Puzzle
  16. The Haunting on Heliotrope Lane
  17. Famous Mistakes                                              
  18. The Stolen Show               
  19. Hidden Pictures. 
  20. The Vanishing Statue.      
  21. Danger at the Iron Dragon
  22. A Capitol Crime                                 
  23. The Blue Lady of Coffin Hall
  24. Captain Stone's Revenge
  25. What Disappears in Vegas . . .
  26. A Nancy Drew Christmas

Nancy Drew Clue Book (2015-2018)

  1. Pool Party Puzzler            
  2. Last Lemonade Standing
  3. A Star Witness   
  4. Big Top Flop        
  5. Movie Madness
  6. Pets on Parade
  7. Candy Kingdom Chaos
  8. World Record Mystery                  
  9. Springtime Crime
  10. Boo Crew                             
  11. The Tortoise and the Scare
  12. Turkey Trot Plot 
  13. Puppy Love Prank            
  14. The Big Island Burglary
  15. The Great Goat Gaffe
  16. Duck Derby Debacle
  17. Recipe Ruckus
  18. Bird Bonanza
  19. Chimpanzee Spree

The World of Bayport Bay

book covers for the original prose and graphic novel Hardy Boys books

The Hardy Boys are brothers Joe and Frank Hardy, the two teens who star in this series and solve mysteries that stump the adults in their lives. They live in the fictional town of Bayport Bay, at home with their detective father, mother, and aunt. While they attend the same school, it rarely plays a role in the plot or hinders their abilities to sleuth. Instead, they engage in a world of bank robbery, burglary, kidnapping, and all sorts of felonious activities that they are able to foil...all while never losing their nerve. The series was first published in 1927, and has enjoyed success (via continued installments, spinoffs, video games and television shows) to this day, where "hardy boys" has become a colloquial term for any teen detective (along with "Nancy Drew", which was the female counterpart to the Hardy Boys series). The cases were able to become a little darker as the series matured, but on the whole all the books are considered suitable for children and teens.

When the title has a hyperlink, that link will take you to a copy in our Collection. Where there is no hyperlink, we do not currently offer the title but encourage you to seek it out using our interlibrary loan service.

Hardy Boys:  graphic novels and the original series

THE HARDY BOYS:  UNDERCOVER BROTHERS (graphic novels) (2005-2010)

  1. The Ocean of Osyria 
  2. Identity Theft
  3. Mad House
  4. Malled 
  5. Sea You, Sea Me
  6. Hyde & Shriek
  7. The Opposite Numbers
  8. Board To Death 
  9. To Die Or Not To Die
  10. A Hardy Day's Night
  11. Abracadeath 
  12. Dude Ranch O' Death!
  13. The Deadliest Stunt
  14. Haley Danelle's Top Eight
  15. Live Free, Die Hardy!
  16. Shhhhhh! 
  17. Word Up!
  18. D.A.N.G.E.R. Spells the Hangman
  19. Chaos at 30,000 Feet!
  20. Deadly Strategy 


  1. Crawling with Zombies 
  2. Break-Up
  3. Nancy Drew: Girl Detective - The New Case Files #3 / Together With The Hardy Boys –

NANCY DREW & THE HARDY BOYS (graphic novels) (2017-2021)

  1. The Big Lie
  2. Nancy Drew
  3. The Palace of Wisdom
  4. The Mystery of the Missing Adults!
  5. The Death of Nancy Drew

THE HARDY BOYS MYSTERY STORIES (original series) (1927-2005)

  1. The Tower Treasure
  2. The House on the Cliff
  3. The Secret of the Old Mill
  4. The Missing Chums
  5. Hunting for Hidden Gold
  6. The Shore Road Mystery
  7. The Secret of the Caves
  8. The Mystery of Cabin Island
  9. The Great Airport Mystery
  10. What Happened at Midnight
  11. While the Clock Ticked
  12. Footprints Under the Window
  13. The Mark on the Door
  14. The Hidden Harbor Mystery
  15. The Sinister Signpost
  16. A Figure in Hiding
  17. The Secret Warning
  18. The Twisted Claw
  19. The Disappearing Floor
  20. The Mystery of the Flying Express
  21. The Clue of the Broken Blade
  22. The Flickering Torch Mystery
  23. The Melted Coins
  24. The Short-Wave Mystery
  25. The Secret Panel
  26. The Phantom Freighter
  27. The Secret of Skull Mountain
  28. The Sign of the Crooked Arrow
  29. The Secret of the Lost Tunnel
  30. The Wailing Siren Mystery
  31. The Secret of Wildcat Swamp
  32. The Crisscross Shadow
  33. The Yellow Feather Mystery
  34. The Hooded Hawk Mystery
  35. The Clue in the Embers
  36. The Secret of Pirates' Hill
  37. The Ghost at Skeleton Rock
  38. The Mystery at Devil's Paw
  39. The Mystery of the Chinese Junk
  40. Mystery of the Desert Giant
  41. The Clue of the Screeching Owl
  42. The Viking Symbol Mystery
  43. The Mystery of the Aztec Warrior
  44. The Haunted Fort
  45. The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge
  46. The Secret Agent on Flight 101
  47. Mystery of the Whale Tattoo
  48. The Arctic Patrol Mystery
  49. The Bombay Boomerang
  50. Danger on Vampire Trail
  51. The Masked Monkey
  52. The Shattered Helmet
  53. The Clue of the Hissing Serpent
  54. The Mysterious Caravan
  55. The Witchmaster's Key
  56. The Jungle Pyramid
  57. The Firebird Rocket
  58. The Sting of the Scorpion
  59. Night of the Werewolf
  60. Mystery of the Samurai Sword
  61. The Pentagon Spy
  62. The Apeman's Secret
  63. The Mummy Case
  64. Mystery of Smugglers Cove
  65. The Stone Idol
  66. The Vanishing Thieves
  67. The Outlaw's Silver
  68. The Submarine Caper
  69. The Four-Headed Dragon
  70. The Infinity Clue
  71. Track of the Zombie
  72. The Voodoo Plot
  73. The Billion Dollar Ransom
  74. Tic-Tac-Terror
  75. Trapped at Sea
  76. Game Plan for Disaster
  77. The Crimson Flame
  78. Cave-In
  79. Sky Sabotage
  80. The Roaring River Mystery
  81. The Demon's Den
  82. The Blackwing Puzzle
  83. The Swamp Monster
  84. Revenge of the Desert Phantom
  85. The Skyfire Puzzle
  86. The Mystery of the Silver Star
  87. Program for Destruction
  88. Tricky Business
  89. The Sky Blue Frame
  90. Danger on the Diamond
  91. Shield of Fear
  92. The Shadow Killers
  93. The Serpent's Tooth Mystery
  94. Breakdown in Axeblade
  95. Danger On The Air
  96. Wipeout
  97. Cast of Criminals
  98. Spark of Suspicion
  99. Dungeon of Doom
  100. The Secret of the Island Treasure
  101. The Money Hunt
  102. Terminal Shock
  103. The Million-Dollar Nightmare
  104. Tricks of the Trade
  105. The Smoke Screen Mystery
  106. Attack of the Video Villains
  107. Panic on Gull Island
  108. Fear on Wheels
  109. The Prime-Time Crime
  110. The Secret of Sigma Seven
  111. Three-Ring Terror
  112. The Demolition Mission
  113. Radical Moves
  114. The Case of the Counterfeit Criminals
  115. Sabotage at Sports City
  116. Rock 'n' Roll Renegades
  117. The Baseball Card Conspiracy
  118. Danger in the Fourth Dimension
  119. Trouble at Coyote Canyon
  120. The Case of the Cosmic Kidnapping
  121. The Mystery in the Old Mine
  122. Carnival of Crime
  123. The Robot's Revenge
  124. Mystery with a Dangerous Beat
  125. Mystery on Makatunk Island
  126. Racing to Disaster
  127. Reel Thrills
  128. Day of the Dinosaur
  129. The Treasure at Dolphin Bay
  130. Sidetracked to Danger
  131. Crusade of the Flaming Sword
  132. Maximum Challenge
  133. Crime in the Kennel
  134. Cross-Country Crime
  135. The Hypersonic Secret
  136. The Cold Cash Caper
  137. High-Speed Showdown
  138. The Alaskan Adventure
  139. The Search for the Snow Leopard
  140. Slam Dunk Sabotage
  141. The Desert Thieves
  142. Lost in Gator Swamp
  143. The Giant Rat of Sumatra
  144. The Secret of Skeleton Reef
  145. Terror at High Tide
  146. The Mark of the Blue Tattoo
  147. Trial and Terror
  148. The Ice-Cold Case
  149. The Chase for the Mystery Twister
  150. The Crisscross Crime
  151. The Rocky Road to Revenge
  152. Danger in the Extreme
  153. Eye on Crime
  154. The Caribbean Cruise Caper
  155. The Hunt for the Four Brothers
  156. A Will to Survive
  157. The Lure of the Italian Treasure
  158. The London Deception
  159. Daredevils
  160. A Game Called Chaos
  161. Training for Trouble
  162. The End of the Trail
  163. The Spy that Never Lies
  164. Skin & Bones
  165. Crime in the Cards
  166. Past And Present Danger
  167. Trouble Times Two
  168. The Castle Conundrum
  169. Ghost of a Chance
  170. Kickoff to Danger
  171. The Test Case
  172. Trouble in Warp Space
  173. Speed Times Five
  174. Hide-and-Sneak
  175. Trick-or-Trouble
  176. In Plane Sight
  177. The Case of the Psychic's Vision
  178. The Mystery of the Black Rhino
  179. Passport to Danger
  180. Typhoon Island
  181. Double Jeopardy
  182. The Secret of the Soldier's Gold
  183. Warehouse Rumble
  184. The Dangerous Transmission
  185. Wreck and Roll
  186. Hidden Mountain
  187. No Way Out
  188. Farming Fear
  189. One False Step
  190. Motocross Madness
Hardy Boys sequel series (1987-present day)

THE HARDY BOYS CASE FILE series (1987-1998)

  1. Dead On Target
  2. Evil, Inc.
  3. Cult of Crime
  4. The Lazarus Plot
  5. Edge of Destruction
  6. The Crowning Terror
  7. Deathgame
  8. See No Evil
  9. The Genius Thieves
  10. Hostages of Hate
  11. Brother Against Brother
  12. Perfect Getaway
  13. The Borgia Dagger
  14. Too Many Traitors
  15. Blood Relations
  16. Line of Fire
  17. The Number File
  18. A Killing in the Market
  19. Nightmare in Angel City
  20. Witness to Murder
  21. Street Spies
  22. Double Exposure
  23. Disaster for Hire
  24. Scene of the Crime
  25. The Borderline Case
  26. Trouble in the Pipeline
  27. Nowhere to Run
  28. Countdown to Terror
  29. Thick as Thieves
  30. The Deadliest Dare
  31. Without a Trace
  32. Blood Money
  33. Collision Course
  34. Final Cut
  35. The Dead Season
  36. Running on Empty
  37. Danger Zone
  38. Diplomatic Deceit
  39. Flesh and Blood
  40. Fright Wave
  41. Highway Robbery
  42. The Last Laugh
  43. Strategic Moves
  44. Castle Fear
  45. In Self-Defense
  46. Foul Play
  47. Flight Into Danger
  48. Rock ‘N’ Revenge
  49. Dirty Deeds
  50. Power Play
  51. Choke Hold
  52. Uncivil War
  53. Web of Horror
  54. Deep Trouble
  55. Beyond the Law
  56. Height of Danger
  57. Terror on Track
  58. Spiked!
  59. Open Season
  60. Deadfall
  61. Grave Danger
  62. Final Gambit
  63. Cold Sweat
  64. Endangered Species
  65. No Mercy
  66. The Phoenix Equation
  67. Lethal Cargo
  68. Rough Riding
  69. Mayhem in Motion
  70. Rigged for Revenge
  71. Real Horror
  72. Screamers
  73. Bad Rap
  74. Road Pirates
  75. No Way Out
  76. Tagged for Terror
  77. Survival Run
  78. The Pacific Conspiracy
  79. Danger Unlimited
  80. Dead of Night
  81. Sheer Terror
  82. Poisoned Paradise
  83. Toxic Revenge
  84. False Alarm
  85. Winner Take All
  86. Virtual Villainy
  87. Dead Man in Deadwood
  88. Inferno Of Fear
  89. Darkness Falls
  90. Deadly Engagement
  91. Hot Wheels
  92. Sabotage at Sea
  93. Mission: Mayhem
  94. A Taste for Terror
  95. Illegal Procedure
  96. Against All Odds
  97. Pure Evil
  98. Murder By Magic
  99. Frame-Up
  100. True Thriller
  101. Peak of Danger
  102. Wrong Side of the Law
  103. Campaign of Crime
  104. Wild Wheels
  105. Law of the Jungle
  106. Shock Jock
  107. Fast Break
  108. Blown Away
  109. Moment of Truth
  110. Bad Chemistry
  111. Competitive Edge
  112. Cliff-Hanger
  113. Sky High
  114. Clean Sweep
  115. Cave Trap
  116. Acting Up
  117. Blood Sport
  118. The Last Leap
  119. The Emperor’s Shield
  120. Survival of the Fittest
  121. Absolute Zero
  122. River Rats
  123. High Wire Act
  124. The Viking’s Revenge
  125. Stress Point
  126. Fire in the Sky
  127. Dead in the Water


  1. Extreme Danger
  2. Running On Fumes
  3. Boardwalk Bust
  4. Thrill Ride
  5. Rocky Road
  6. Burned
  7. Operation: Survival
  8. Top Ten Ways to Die
  9. Martial Law
  10. Blown Away
  11. Hurricane Joe
  12. Trouble in Paradise
  13. The Mummy's Curse
  14. Hazed
  15. Death And Diamonds
  16. Bayport Buccaneers
  17. Murder At The Mall
  18. Pushed
  19. Foul Play
  20. Feeding Frenzy
  21. Comic Con Artist
  22. Deprivation House 
  23. House Arrest
  24. Murder House
  25. Double Trouble 
  26. Double Down
  27. Double Deception
  28. Galaxy X 
  29. X-plosion
  30. The X-Factor 
  31. Killer Mission
  32. Private Killer
  33. Killer Connections
  34. The Children of the Lost 
  35. Lost Brother
  36. Forever Lost
  37. Movie Menace 
  38. Movie Mission

NANCY DREW AND THE HARDY BOYS SUPER MYSTERY (crossover series) (2007-2012)

  1. Terror On Tour
  2. Danger Overseas
  3. Club Dread
  4. Gold Medal Murder
  5. Bonfire Masquerade
  6. Stage Fright


  1. Secret of the Red Arrow
  2. Mystery of the Phantom Heist
  3. The Vanishing Game
  4. Into Thin Air
  5. Peril at Granite Peak
  6. The Battle of Bayport
  7. Shadows at Predator Reef
  8. Deception on the Set
  9. The Curse of the Ancient Emerald
  10. Tunnel of Secrets
  11. Showdown at Widow Creek
  12. The Madman of Black Bear Mountain
  13. Bound for Danger
  14. Attack of the Bayport Beast
  15. A Con Artist in Paris
  16. Stolen Identity
  17. The Gray Hunter's Revenge
  18. The Disappearance
  19. Dungeons & Detectives
  20. Return to Black Bear Mountain
  21. A Treacherous Tide
  22. Trouble Island
  23. Mystery on the Mayhem Express
  24. As the Falcon Flies
  25. The Smuggler's Legacy


  1. Trouble at the Arcade
  2. The Missing Mitt
  3. Mystery Map
  4. Hopping Mad
  5. A Monster of a Mystery
  6. The Bicycle Thief
  7. The Disappearing Dog
  8. Sports Sabotage
  9. The Great Coaster Caper
  10. A Rockin' Mystery 
  11. Robot Rumble 
  12. Lights, Camera...Zombies! 
  13. Balloon Blow-Up 
  14. Fossil Frenzy 
  15. Ship of Secrets 
  16. Camping Chaos 
  17. The Great Escape
  18. Medieval Upheaval 
  19. The Race Is On 



  1. The Video Game Bandit
  2. The Missing Playbook
  3. Water-Ski Wipeout
  4. Talent Show Tricks
  5. Scavenger Hunt Heist
  6. A Skateboard Cat-astrophe
  7. The Pirate Ghost
  8. The Time Warp Wonder
  9. Who Let the Frogs Out?
  10. The Great Pumpkin Smash
  11. Bug-napped
  12. Sea Life Secrets
  13. Robot Rescue!
  14. The Bad Luck Skate
  15. The Garden Plot
  16. Undercover Bookworms
  17. Splash Pad Sabotage


graphic novel book covers for Giver, Anne of Green Gables, The Witches, A Wrinkle In Time, Redwall, and The Hobbit.

Mark Twain famously described classics as "something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read." In the spirit of that adage, publishing companies, educators, librarians and ambitious readers have all realized that graphic novel adaptations of classics can give an approximation of the reading experience while still permitting the concision and nimbleness that can be lacking in the original texts. For fans of the original, graphic adaptations can provide an opportunity to experience the story in a new way, and even expose the universality of classics by their ability to remain engaging in new formats for new generations. We've assembled an array of graphic adaptations, and their original prose counterparts, in the section below. Check these out, and perhaps then expand your reading journey beyond this beginning assortment.

A few Graphic classics with their prose originals...
  • Anne of Green Gables (2017). (Mariah Marsden & Brenna Thumler) Anne, an eleven-year-old orphan, is sent by mistake to live with a lonely, middle-aged brother and sister on a Prince Edward Island farm and proceeds to make an indelible impression on everyone around her.  Based on L.M. Montgomery's 1908 text.
  • The Hobbit (2001 Chuck Dixon) Chronicles the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, who embarks on a quest to reclaim stolen treasure from the dragon Smaug, along with his dwarven companions and the wizard Gandalf, and unwittingly returns to the Shire with a Ring of Power. Based on J.R.R. Tolkien's 1937 text.
  • Wrinkle In Time (2012 Hope Larson) A graphic novel adaptation of the classic tale in which Meg Murry and her friends become involved with unearthly strangers and a search for Meg's father, who has disappeared while engaged in secret work for the government. Based on Madeleine L'Engle's 1962 text.
  • The Witches (2020 Penelope Bagieu) A young boy and his Norwegian grandmother, who is an expert on witches, together foil a witches' plot to destroy the world's children by turning them into mice. Based on Roald Dahl's's 1983 text.
  • Redwall (2007 Stuart Moore and Bret Blevins. When the peaceful life of ancient Redwall Abbey is shattered by the arrival of the evil rat Cluny and his villainous hordes, Matthias, a young mouse, determines to find the legendary sword of Martin the Warrior which, he is convinced, will help Redwall's inhabitants destroy the enemy. Based on Brian Jaques's 1986 text.
  • The Giver (2019) (P. Craig Russell) Witness Jonas's assignment as the Receiver of Memory, watch as he begins to understand the dark secrets behind his fragile community, and follow the explosion of color into his world like never before. Based on Lois Lowry's 1993 text.
By LaurelC on May 13, 2024