One, Two, Three Count Along With Me - A Book Review

One Little Lot book cover






One Little Lot the 1-2-3’s of an urban garden by Diane C. Mullen is a counting concept book, (concept books contain educational facts in a fictional setting), with culturally diverse characters. Set in a trendy urban garden with vibrant pictures, children can strengthen correspondence counting, (recognize that a number represents quantity). The neighborhood is unified through a project that exemplifies the stages of problem solving by recognizing an opportunity for improvement, making a plan, and finally taking action to achieve a common goal. The story ends with a community dinner to celebrate the deliciousness of the harvest!

The author’s inspiration for the book was the pleasurable experience she had in a Minnesota community garden.


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One fox : a counting book thriller book cover







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Book cover- Cheers for a dozen ears : a summer crop of counting









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Book cover- I Spy Under the Sea








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Book cover -Ten Little Fingers Two Small Hands







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Book cover- Grandma's Tiny House







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By DianaB on June 5, 2020